Dec 2, 2013


IT'S HERE! The Eat.More.Plants XMAS GIVEAWAY! I'm ready to giveaway pressies to you and boy-o-boy have I got something so totally scrum-diddily-umptious Day #1.

When I first thought to do a Xmas Giveaway, this was one of the first pressies I knew I wanted to give you guys. Why? Because this chic makes food like no other. Take my word for it.

Candice Aiken is a magic kitchen machine, and I can so gratefully say that she is also a dear friend having ventured far north to live up in Cairns for the past 8 months. And this girl knows how to make raw vegan cake. Ooh la la.

And she's done it again, this time with recipes to fit around the festive season with plenty of family favourites, but of course, has made them all ten times better for your health and waist line, complete with bucketloads of flavour!

Wholesome Holidays is a 45 page full colour beautifully designed eBook created to help you (and your family) get through the Christmas holidays feeling healthy, happy and whole. 

Here’s what you will get in ‘Wholesome Holidays’:
    • Over 30 easy and super tasty recipes to trick your family into eating healthy over the holidays (think real raw apple pies, Raspberry mousse cake, honey glazed meatless “meat” loaf and coco-ginger black rice puddings… YUMMO!)
    • Easy ways for you to feed your soul instead of just your tummy this Christmas.
    • Top tips for how you can stress less and enjoy every minute of the silly season.
    • Secret squirrel emergency kit for when you’ve lost the plot with a family member and need an instant mood booster.
    • The only New Year’s resolutions worth making for 2014… and these ones will actually stick!
    • And a sneaky little guide for how you can best support your body (read: liver) naturally when you’ve had a few too many drinkie drinks over the holidays. 


    Share this post on social media and use the hashtag #empxmasgiveaway, then in the comments below, tell me what is your dreamiest "last supper" meal. 
    The winner will be announced in Fridays newsletter so make sure you sign up here to see if you're the lucky winner!

    Good Luck!


    1. You got me at 'Secret Squirrel Emergency Kit'! But for my last supper - Anything prepared with love and surrounded by family and friends! (Must include chocolate!) :) Michele

    2. My dreamiest last supper...... if it was truly my last supper it would be a banquet of all my favourite family foods - A toast with Carrington Brut & then Nan's potato salad with pickle juice dressing, Opa's beef bourguignon and spaetzle, Mimas rare roast beef with lashings of real mayo and pan fried chicken with oven chips and the strongest garlic bread ever(!), Dad's beef wellington and fresh lots of fresh seafood on the BBQ, Mum's cannelloni, a great homemade vege pizza, and an amazing salad (maybe the mango spinach one), Gail's fattoush salad, my own killer nachos, Garry's spicy prawns, plus roasted crispy pork belly, a variety of dreamy soft shell tacos, and then a dessert table with Mima's sugar soaked strawberry, ice-cream and cream parfaits, a Lisa baked cake or slice, Christie's raw rum balls, and other gooey yummies, my childhood favourite chocolate walnut brownie, some lemon and date slices, a fruit flan, Mum's mars bar slice, lavender ice-cream, tiramisu..... MMMMMMM!!!!! All washed down with some of Papa's finest wines! YUMMO!!! (Then I'd probably die of a food coma anyway!) HAHAHAHA

    3. Peanut butter on toast with sliced tomato sprinkled with salt and pepper

      You have to try it :)

    4. Last supper - steak, salad and red wine!