Jul 16, 2018


When Taj started wanting foods early on, and as Taj has moved from pureed foods to mashed foods to finger foods, I have always given him the foods Brock and I eat. We don't sit down to steak and roast veg and feed him fish fingers and potato chips. Taj is a little human. HUMAN. So his nutritional needs are the same a big humans (in fact he needs better nutrition and more nutrients as he is growing at such a phenomenal rate). I'm not talking macros, micros, calories and so on. I'm talking REAL FOOD. He needs real food to thrive just as I do. And that's exactly what I feed him. So after my last blog outlining what and how I started feeding Taj from 6 months of age, I wanted to dive deeper and share what I'm doing with him now that he is almost 15 months young.

I once read that what a pregnant woman eats whilst pregnant has a huge impact on the growing child in terms of their tastebuds during their lifetime (of course we know what mama eats impacts bubba directly for many reasons, but tastebuds was a new thing to me). Essentially I recall this study presenting facts to show that the wider range of TASTES mama eats whilst pregnant will mean bubba is likely to eat a wide range also. When I was pregnant I was sure to eat sweet, salty, bitter, sour, meaty, fermented and so on... and besides being an already wholefood-eating-family, I feel this has made a big impact on the fact that Taj has always been an incredible little eater.