Dec 31, 2013


I barely remember New Years eve and the beginning of 2013 (and being in Syd right now and my intention books back up in Cairns, I've got no reference either). There are a few things I remember wanting to work and play towards in 2013 and I can say that I'm super happy that they happened for me:

I finished my Nutrition studies (well 99.9% at the minute)

I am leaps and bounds further in healing my adrenal fatigue and actually understanding it

I spent more time with my family interstate 

And I travelled more

My Nutrition studies have been challenging, rewarding, uplifting, eye-opening, and what I always wanted to do. There's been laughter, new friends, tears, assessments galore, and late nights. And having finished my last exams and all assessments, I'm just doing my final case studies to complete it all. And it feels So. Darn. Good.

Every year for the last 3 I've said "this year I will do whatever it takes to heal and feel better, no matter what the cost" and I didn't want to have to say it another year on - even though only a few months ago I felt I would be. Through diet, lifestyle, supplements, energy work, relaxation, rest, and plenty more, I am finally and ever so gratefully feeling my energy, enthusiasm, and vitality for life come back. I'm training again. I'm waking feeling alive and eager to start my days. I'm walking, even jogging sometimes. I'm back on my yoga mat. I'm happy to be outside more and not lying in bed. Again, it feels So. Darn. Good.

With family on the Sunny Coast, Sydney, Cairns, Perth, Darwin and Tasmania, I'm lucky I get to see my family and have a holiday at the same time. My family all mean so much to me and all living somewhere different means I can't just call someone up for a juice and a belly laugh at the drop of a hat. So I make the time to go see them all. It has also meant that my sisters, mum, and I have gotten creative - and will continue to do so - making girly trips a regular thing.

And of course travel ties in with seeing family. B and I love to travel so it's high on our priorities. This year I've made multiple trips to the Sunny Coast and Sydney, spent a week in Darwin, 6 weeks in Thailand, a day in Singapore, a long weekend on the Gold Coast, multiple snippets in Byron, an extended girly weekend in Melbourne, and now I'm on a whole east coast trip from Cairns to Sydney and back to Cairns over 8 weeks this Summer. I am grateful for every journey made and will have more travel on my dreams list for 2014 for sure!

In addition to these gems:

  • I spent 8 weeks holidaying overseas for the first time with B 
  • I began eating animal products again - and feel great
  • I saw whales off the Gold Coast
  • I went to ProBlogger on the Gold Coast
  • And then won a trip back to the Gold Coast thanks to ProBlogger
  • I made new friends for life
  • I went mountain biking for the first time ever
  • I had my blog re-designed
  • Ran my first ever Xmas Giveaway on my blog
  • I invested in 6 months of coaching for myself
  • Wrote my first magazine article
  • Began swimming laps again - and I'm LOVING it!
  • Finally began brewing my own kombucha (a whopping 12L of the stuff too!)
  • I began really loving myself

And thank you's and gratitude go out too:

B coz ur the life of my life, the man I spent my days with, laugh with, cry with, and create with. Here's to making 2014 our best year yet.

Nikki, Lisa and Mum I love that we can laugh til our bellies ache, quarrel over where to eat, split up walking through cities, and then end up buying the same books and watch Better Homes and Gardens. Lets do way more girly trips across the country from now on.

Sebby and Janine you guys are amazing. Tenacious and generous at heart. Janine your infectious laughter I could listen to on repeat. You mean the world to me.

Amanda you make living in Cairns so much more joyous than I could have imagined. Much love girl.

Ryan and Sarah you may new in my life but I know you'll be round forever.

All other bloggers for your creative work, joy and play that I love to read and lose time getting lost in.

To you my gorgeous reader I have no blog without you. Gratitude from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your comments, your presence, your love and support.

And anyone else who might feel missed coz really, I could write a 5000 word blog saying thank you to you all. Know that. x

I hope you have a beautiful New Years Eve whether you're out partying, picnic-ing and watching fire works with friends, on a plane jetting to or from somewhere, or at home in the bathtub with a pot of tea. Energetically let go of 2013 and breathe in 2014, getting in touch with how you want to FEEL next year.

Choose what you want. Smile. Hug someone. And wake tomorrow feeling amazing.

Sayonara beautiful people, 

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