Dec 9, 2013


This week I am uber excited to be giving away my favourite ebook of the year - Spirited. Created by the beautiful Rachel McDonald In Spaces Between and Tara Bliss from Such Different Skies.

From the minute I laid my eyes on this ebook and began reading the pages, I had goosebumps. The sheer beauty of the design is one thing, but the words on the pages, the nodding I found myself doing in agreance with those words, and the profound hitting home of realness these girls share is beyond inspiring; it's encouraging, empowering and supporting. So of course I wanted to share and give this baby away.

  • Packs a purposeful, intentional punch. It will guide you back to where the REAL gold is – your heart.
  • Is an unlearning of the ‘I need to improve’ epidemic. You already know the answers, and you’re about to dive deep to unearth ‘em.
  • Serves as a rich testament to love, truth, friendship, self-expression, vulnerability, creative sovereignty and profound happiness.
And it’s a freaking beautiful assault on the senses!

Inside, Rach and Tara lovingly guide you through:
  • Overcoming meditation resistance
  • Honouring your wildest, most thrilling and potent dreams
  • Giving fear the heave-ho and swinging the door wide open to electrifying courage
  • Creating balance from the inside out; using natural rhythms and the chakras as your arsenal (instead of your To Do list)
  • Joy-inducing rituals to set your heart alight
  • Your relationship with your Inner Critic and your Wisest Self
With personal (and intimate) insights from, actionable wisdom and rockin’ soul sesh’s.

BONUS.. you also get the 2014 Spirited Companion, released only yesterday!! I haven;t had time to even look at this one myself.

You’ll warm up for this visionary experience by first stepping into the light; declaring the type of year you’re hungry for, celebrating what is so divinely and uniquely YOU. You’ll plot out 12 month’s worth of big dreams. Those lofty dreams will drill down to smaller, manageable, doable weekly ‘right actions.’ This is the making it happen part.

Then, you’ll explore a possible challenge – anything from perfectionism, to isolation, to handling the haters, a crisis of confidence, those pesky ‘I’m not good enough’s’… and we’ll reverse engineer the shizzle out of them and offer up real time, do-it-now solutions that allow you to carry yourself out your funk, out of the ego, and back home to clarity and truth.

The Challenge.

The Solution.

The Meditation/ Visualisation/ Contemplation.

And finally, The Action: a series of personal dares – from us to you – that encourage you to shape shift your struggles in a visceral, purposeful way. No sugar coating, no fluffing around.

This is the yang to Spirited’s yin.

The action to her contemplation.

The black and white to her colour.

The Go! to her Stay!

The straight shootin’ to her subtlety.

The doing to her being.

The shadow to her light.

It’s a guide that gets you into your body.

And when their powers collide…

You have the tools to go large with your longings and sit in the depth of your shadow’s emotion.


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Then in the comments below here, simply write "Shared" and then tell me how you are going to  get Spirited this festive season. 
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Words taken from both Tara's and Rach's blog pages for this post, coz let's face it, I just can't write as well.


  1. "Shared" - My steps to get in the spirit of Xmas ~ Get an advent calendar, Put up my Xmas tree :-) Get creative with healthy Christmas meals, get a mistletoe... xx

  2. Shared! I'm getting festive by making everyone's presents this year :) handmade with love x

  3. Shared! <3 I'm getting spirited this festive season by focusing on what this season is all about; family, as well as singing Christmas carols at work! I'm also using this season and the end of 2013 to focus on developing myself and preparing to get the most out of 2014 X

  4. Shared! I'm getting spirited this festive season by playing all those much loved Xmas CD's to set the mood of Xmas past! The Xmas tree is arriving shortly, the boxes of Xmas 'goodies' wait patiently to be tenderly placed and the whole house is getting attended to for the arrival of much loved family. Bliss by the Beach!

  5. Happily shared :) I'm getting spirited for the festive season by slowing down to make time for myself and the ones I love. I'm keeping things simple and filled with love with homebaked goodies and handcrafted gifts....a little christmas sing-a-long doesn't go astray either!

  6. Shared!! To get into the Christmas Spirit I'm making some yummy festive treaties, have decorated my house and the office, am practicing some Christmas songs on my Ocarina, am belting out Mariah Carey Christmas songs in the car and am making sure I connect (and reconnect) with as many friends and family as possible!!