Dec 24, 2013


Now, I don't want to be another someone online who is agreeing with the perception that Christmas is stressful, busy, unpleasant, and all about spending money on gifts for people we only see at this time of the year (and thus this post). If Christmas is all that for you, you can choose to change it, or keep it as is.

For me, I love Christmas. Always have, always will. However, I do notice that I can fall into stressful periods, and have come to learn a few game changers for me at this time of the year that make a huge difference. Even if we aren't buying into the collective consciousness of busyness, anxiety, shopping mall car-park madness, those closest to us may be, and that can affect us.

So, here are 5 top tips to keep your cool this Festive Season and feel your tip top best!

  • Have a morning routine -- no matter where you are you can start your day the way you want, with no distractions. I always go for a morning walk and the other day I didn't, and was staying with B's mates, I felt pretty crappy most of the day, because I felt I didn't get any time to myself. So whether you already have a routine or not, create one during the Festive Season. Go for a walk, clear your head, and choose to have a magical day. Or brew a cup of tea and sip that whilst reading a chapter of your current book. Meditate and have a cool shower. Whatever it is, this alone can change your entire day!  
  • Move -- full days of eating, alcohol drinking, and sitting around can be loads of fun, but not so much later on if you haven't moved your butt all day (or worse - for a few days). Try suggesting a family walk around the block after Xmas lunch for fresh air and digestion. Run around playing with all the kids. Get up early and walk, jog, or swim first thing. Moving your body will increase circulation and respiration (both essential in detoxification of all the yummy things that may not be so good for us, that we indulge in this time of the year). Movement also creates endorphins, which long story short, makes us happy and improves our mood. What's not to love about that one?!?
  • Hydrate -- whether you commit to a vegetable juice or a smoothie everyday, or simply (and most effective) sufficient water. When we feel tired or less-than-amazing it's usually dehydration, and when drinking water is so freakin' easy, why not do it? Especially important if you're drinking a few more boozy beverages than usual, in the Summer heat. Make it easy for yourself by getting a 1L bottle and having 3 of them each day. Or chill water with lemon if plain water doesn't knock your socks off. However you do it, drink up!
  • Be grateful -- saying thanks for having your friends and family in your life, thanks for the gorgeous lunch you're about to eat, thanks for the laughs and gifts you receive, the sunshine, your time off work... whatever it is, we are all so much luckier than we know and giving thanks opens us up to receiving more, as well as forget about the little things we're worrying about, which probably don't deserve our time and energy.
  • Get into Nature -- my partner is the best at this one; when he's feeling in a funk, he leaves everything and goes to play in Nature. Be it a walk through the bush, a swim in a creek or the ocean, biking down a mountain or simply lying on the grass in the backyard... Mother Nature is all around us, as well as within us, and that alone is why we feel so crappy when we don't get outside enough. So over the next week, eat outside, exercise outside, sit outside, and soak up some Nature time.

And one extra one... 
  • Make love not war -- a cheeky one for the silly season with time off over Christmas. Make more time to connect and get sensual with your beloved bedroom friend. Challenge: everyday for 30 days. Thank me later ;)

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