Dec 16, 2013


I am so excited to be giving this one away this week. Hands up if you read Mel Ambrosini's blog? I first found this chic online about 4 years ago and from the side lines loved her posts, and seeing her pop up around my area doing food demos and the like. I had a free health coaching session with her over the phone, but I suppose I wasn't ready at the time to dive head first into 6 months of coaching. A year later I was. So I gave her the call. And I can now say that 6 months with this girl will change your life.

So it went without saying that when her first ebook, 12 Steps To Wellness, was out in the world, I snatched a copy quick smart. I instantly scanned every page and drank every word of wellness wisdom beaming off the page (an awesome plane-trip-read too if ever you need one).

And I've got ONE COPY TO GIVEAWAY to a lucky reader.

Your 12 Steps to Wellness eBook includes:
  • Melissa’s personal path to wellness: she get’s real and honest sharing her story of how she created her dream life.
  • Step-by-step guide to support you on your path to wellness including tips, advice and clear actions you can put into place today!
  • Melissa’s favourite recipes to get you eating well without sacrificing on taste or being a slave to calorie counting
  • Morning Routine: Melissa’s guide to a power-packed start to the day and the key to getting the most out of life!
  • Affirmations, guided meditations and more!

You’ll experience breakthrough after breakthrough as you karate chop your limiting beliefs, clear out the negativity and embrace total wellness! With 12 Steps to Wellness you’ll transform your life and finally start living the one you’ve ALWAYS deserved!


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Then tell me in the comments below here, how you start your day to be the best version of you.

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Good Luck!


  1. Shared!! My day starts with an early alarm (Dami Im - Alive) a reach for the iPod and then listening to an hours meditation. After my shower I coconut oil up, and when getting dressed I read through the 100 goals list stuck to my wardrobe doors. I enjoy making a nourishing breakfast, usually gently cooked eggs with sauteed and fresh mixed greens and herbs with tahini, or an acai bowl. (YUM!) Good morning Body, Mind and Soul! Saturdays are my favourite day of the week as the best version of myself enjoys an amazing yoga class with my favourite teacher!

  2. I'd love to say I have a marvellous nurturing morning to start a joyous day... but as soon as the kids wake up this is in reality what really happens... the kids come in and fight over who gets more cuddles with mum, I get squashed and elbowed until I finally manage to free myself and escape to the kitchen where I then commence lunches, breakfast and dishes. I may or may not be able to have a shower in peace before hurrying the kids to get dressed and usually there is a meltdown when it comes to brushing teeth and hair. Time flies and we usually end up running late and rushing out the door having forgotten something, making us even more late. Kids squabbling in back of car makes for a very stressful morning. Perhaps Melissa's book can help save my sanity??!!

  3. Ooooo what a question...! So many choices!! I do love waking up to an early alarm, coconut oil pull, 5 tibetian rites & then 1L hydrate before either going to swim laps in the pool as the light changes in the sky/or if i'm lucky the sun pokes its head through the palm trees or perhaps I enjoy some yoga outside with the mountains & cane paddock in full view :) A fresh juice to follow would top it all off! :)

  4. Shared, I'm not a morning person at all... I need all the help I can get! I know the benefits but I just can't seem to implement it x

  5. The perfect start to my day is when I have the time to stretch before getting out of bed and heading to my yoga mat for an hours yoga followed by meditation. Bircher muesli topped with banana, blueberries and strawberries to follow. I then pick up the latest inspiring book I am reading, make a cup of green tea and sit back and relax and read until the tea is over. Delicious shower and my day cannot help but be perfect!

  6. hmmmm ive this is my third time replying ...grrrrr ... what can i say after this wonderful ladies above?? the best mornign to be the best me .... well a few things i would keep the same as they are - like waking up next to my children. i love that the first thing i do and they do is look into eachothers eyes to say hello. so much love. i also love that on bryans days off i get to have a sleep in and often a cup of tea brought to me. i also love that we have slow mornings. we have no time restraints so its never rush rush and we always sit together to have our meals - breakfast included. things i would include if i could - definately yoga or a regualr walk on the beach with the dogs - some soul time reflecting on my day ahead too. im keen to learn some new tricks of the trade from mel that i can include in my routine and incorportate with my kids. after all a happy mama equals a happy family. many blessings to you christie xx