Jan 21, 2016


It was only a few months ago that I felt strong urges to start putting some of our stuff away into boxes. But my logic mind was going bonkas - I mean, why put things into boxes when you're still living in your home? In your house? With no plans to go anywhere?

But I couldn't stop it completely, and so I began putting things into boxes. And to cut the story short, it was not long after that I said to B "baby let's go away for 2 or 3 months over Xmas" - when we have previously left Cairns for only 3-4 weeks. It just felt right. I wanted to get out. Get away. For longer than usual. And that meant having someone look after our place. And so, having some of our stuff packed away for said house-sitters, would be fab! 

Fast forward to now and we've been on the road since December 7th and won't be back in Cairns til the first week of Feb (ish).