Dec 3, 2013


Ooh I've got yet another delicious giveaway for your body, mind and soul... a Sacred Self Self-Love Alchemical Oil is up for grabs.

Sacred Self began in 2003, as a private exploration when the founder and owner, Michelle McGrath kept asking herself what she most needed. The answer was self-love, and she saw herself creating a bottle of self-love.

Tucked away in her love-powered alchemical haven, she began experimenting with creating oils and perfumes with vibrational essences with surprisingly successful results. She never dreamt that these potent bottles of magic would bloom into an international business, and yet it has.

Michell's Sacred Self alchemical oils and perfumes are enjoyed by men and women ‘round the world, who are committed to loving and accepting themselves.


  • A Self Love Alchemical oil from Sacred Self. Valued at $49.00

The perfect ‘starter’ oil. Use it several times a day for two full weeks, and you’ll notice the quality of your thoughts start to lighten and shift. Less criticism. More compassion. Less anxiety. More celebration!

You can wear your Self-love oil as a daily perfume, add it to a bubble bath, spritz it on your pillow, sprinkle a few drops on a candle, or use it all over your body for the World’s Most Luxurious Massage.

Ingredients: Love, organic jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinesis), pink grapefruit (Citrus paradisi), cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum), rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora), juniper (Juniperus communis), gem and flower essences, colour rays, sacred symbols, mantras and sound.

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And Good Luck!


  1. Shared - Self-love means to me finally letting go of anger towards others that have done me wrong in the past... I'm not there yet but I know once I am I can really fulfill my potential and do what is right for me

  2. Shared <3
    Self love to me is about honouring my soul, putting myself first & loving myself by saying no to anything that doesn’t serve me or contribute to my greatest good.

  3. Shared! - Self love for me at the moment is reclaiming some of my time and energy for myself. It's waking up a little earlier to meditate, consciously asking myself if the foods I'm choosing will nourish my body and my mind, it's choosing to spend time with people that are inspiring, enthusiastic and who are rocking their world, listening to uplifting music, going to bed a little earlier and indulging in reading, writing and crafts more often! YAY FOR SELF LOVE!!!