Dec 10, 2013


If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you'll know that I am a HUGE Simply Raw fan, and for many reasons. Yes they are my best friends, but their product is far superior to any other bar I've had. They only use organic ingredients for starters, and they're based in Oz. Every bar is gluten free, wheat free, egg and dairy free, grain free, sugar free, and raw, making them all vegan, kosher, and paleo if you're cool with dried fruit. No emulsifiers, additives or preservatives! Winning!

Simply Raw was established on Janine and Sebastian's passion for health and wellbeing, as they made it their mission to provide pure & healthy alternatives to most other food products with a focus on quality, flavour and nutrition - they nailed it just quietly.

With 4 flavours to choose from, I'm sure you'll find your favourite (mine has changed over time), and now there is also a brand new Protein and Antioxidant bar made from pea protein and macqui berries (amongst many other goodies), and I gotta say this one is my pick of the bunch at the minute.

So, of course I'm giving these babies away! Simply Raw have very generously given me not one, but TWO PACKS TO GIVEAWAY to two very lucky readers.


One of two packs containing:
  • 2x Lemon Macadamia bars
  • 2x Sesame Nougat bars
  • 2x Chocolate Brownie bars
  • 2x Coconut Rough bars
  • 2x Protein & Antioxidant bars
  • Total value = $50


To be one of two lucky winners of this awesome prize pack --

1. Share this post on Facebook 
2. In the comments below this post, tell me what you would put into your raw bar recipe if you were to make you own. Get creative!

The winners will be announced in this Fridays newsletter so get your name on my sending list by signing up here.

Good Luck!
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  1. I'm a huge coconut fan so would definitely include that! Also goji berries, Chia seeds, raw cacao, cashews, almonds, spirulina and poss some dates. Yummo!

  2. I am a huge fan of these bars! If I was to make my own it would have to include some of my favourite summer flavours - dried mango, coconut & macadamias. Can't forget the main ingredient too - a bucket full of love :)

  3. Hi Christie! I popped back in to see if you had announced winners & I can't see the comment I posted this morning..?? Weird? I posted to FB too.
    All of the flavour combos look amazing & delish! How about Fig, Walnut & Maca.. With a few cacao nibs sprinkled in top!
    Thanks xx

  4. Not too creative I'm afraid... It's all been done before Hehe. But for the chance of maybe winning these awesome packs I'll tell ya' what I'd put in a raw bar -
    Figs. And raw tahini. And perhaps some yacon syrup... MMMMM

  5. If I made a raw bar it would have to be stored in the fridge section.... it would be "chocolate coated" with a coconut oil, cacao mix and inside would be more cacao, coconut, juicy cranberries, macadamias, and a hint of maple syrup! YUM! Christmas style!!!

  6. Ooh I would say cacao butter, cashew and coconut or coconut, mango and maqui :)

  7. I'm going to try and win this for my Pilates team. My raw combo would be a superfood mix: dates, cacao, spirilina, maca powder, goji berries, coconut, love, peace, happiness and lots and lots of gratitude! Thanks Eat.More.Plants x

  8. Bummer...I refuse to do Facebook but do like Instagram! Wish I could enter.
    Peace & Raw Health,

  9. As I've only had a couple of tries at making my own raw balls, I'm still not sure what works well together....also find it easier to buy one - sesame nougat yummo! Anyway, what I would love would be simply nuts of any kind (whole) and sultanas smothered in raw dark chocolate - the chew and the crunch together - simply perfect!