Aug 27, 2016


Gelato. It goes hand in hand with pizza and coffee when I think of Italy. And it's something that I have no issue eating on the daily whilst I'm over in the country I love so much.

The history of gelato dates back to the 16th century. Sicilian-born Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli, undoubtedly was one of the most influential individuals in the history of gelato, was among the first to sell it to the public, spreading its popularity throughout Europe.

The history of gelato is closely tied to two regions: Dolomite in the far north of Italy, and Sicily in the far south. In Dolomite gelato was made with milk, cream, sugar, eggs, and natural flavours. In the far south, the gelato was predominantly water based. Lower in fat and slightly higher in sugar content, it was called sorbetto or "sorbet" in English. That's all the dairy free flavours I get to choose from, although more and more gelateria's offer dairy-free creamy gelato as well, not just sorbet.

In Rome, gelato is a must. Firstly the city is off the coast so in summer you can't cool off in the sea, and secondly because it's the most scenic city to stroll around in. And strolling is always made better with a refreshing gelato to lick.

So here are a few of my fav's and a few well-known incredible spots to find gelato in my favourite city of all of Europe, The Eternal City, Roma.

Aug 16, 2016


I get asked time and time again what to do when trying to get through the hell that can be jet-lag... and to be honest I'm yet to come up with something that actually works besides riding the waves, getting into the local time zone and sleep times as quickly as you can, drinking plenty of water and avoiding caffeine after midday.

However when it comes to preventing jet lag, that's a different story. It's also the most effective way to avoiding it in the first place. And one I can help you with.

Aug 12, 2016


I have been drooling over figs the past 2 months in Europe and this week on Ischia we have been nothing short of blessed and showered in local figs left, right and centre.

We also learnt a thing or two about them.