Feb 27, 2018


Something most adults turn their noses up at (I’m cool - more for me) ☺️ but would you give it to your children? What about your bubba now eating solids? Yep! LIVER is a POWERHOUSE food forgotten these days, but slowly making a come back in those following a more traditional grandma-eating style 😝 It’s rich in IRON which bubba's need from about 6 months as they no longer get it from mama. It's also high in choline (for brain super powers), cholesterol (which we need for hormone synthesis), arachidonic acid (more brain development), minerals and vitamins - including the tricky-to-obtain B6 and B12! Poultry liver (that is, chicken)also has a great balance of A, D3 and K2!

Feb 3, 2018


Happy 2018. It's not to late to be throwing those words around yet is it? It's only just February after all. It does always seem that January comes and goes in a flash though doesn't it? It's like a teaser, or a test, so when we get to early Feb we can go holy moley that went fast, and we can regroup, re-evaluate, pivot and change course if need be, and decide to move slower and be more present. Which is also why this year I have decided instead of writing out 2018 Goals + Intentions as one great big grandious 12-month thing - #overwhelm - instead I am writing my intentions month by month (see my Feb intentions here). 

Which is why I want to tell you about what I'm doing at the moment, like right now, and forget about the whole "where I'm going in 2018" thing... coz I've discovered now as a mama to a small child, all we have is NOW. And it's a gift and a blessing to have realised this since having Taj. Well, I mean, I knew it before, but a bubba definitely solidifies it, and you can actually F E E L it, not just intellectualise it!