May 26, 2019


If there's a time to take your health into your own hands, like reeeeeally start living from a place where YOU and confident in looking after your own health with tools, resources and products at your fingertips and IN YOUR OWN HOME, the time is now.

I've just come back from the doTERRA Australia/New Zealand Convention and it's taken me a good week to really find the time and space to digest what it was. And beside incredible oils obviously, for me, my biggest memories when I close my eyes and think about it, are Community. Connection. Soul sisters. Friendships. Human spirit. Rising against adversity. Standing up for health. Freedom of choice. Empowerment. Positivity. And knowing I'm in the right place, doing what I believe in.

If you haven't already seen my Convention highlights on my Instagram go check it out coz you'll see all the fun there in under a few minutes! But for ease and quick reading I'm going to dot point all my highlights, learnings, and BIG things here for you as well. So without further adieu...