Dec 5, 2013


If you haven't tried Coconut Magic coconut oil, you haven't tried the best tasting Australian owned coconut oil on the market. No word of a lie.

This is the smoothest, most delicate and delicious coconut oil around. No funky after-taste, no weird texture, and little chance of rancidity due to their dark amber glass jars.

Coconut Magic was born out of an intimate experience between Jenni Maddison (the whizz-bang genius behind it all), her health, and her synchronistic discovery of coconut oil, on the small island of Ko Samui Thailand.

Gorgeous right?

It was soon after this she began including coconut oil into her daily lifestyle, and was amazed at the positive changes to her health, hair and skin.

Coconut Magic’s virgin coconut oil is gently extracted from freshly harvested coconuts grown on organic plantations in Thailand. It is certified organic and raw, and produced without using any direct heat or chemicals to ensure its purity and maximum nutritional content.


  • 500ml jar of Coconut Magic coconut oil (Valued at $25.95)

Use it internally and externally - in smoothies, salads, desserts, and sauces. As a moisturiser, hair treatment, lip balm, or lubricant.

It is deliciously pure and has a gentle buttery flavor with just a hint of tropical coconut aroma. It is digested and metabolized in a way that helps the body to energize, nourish, cleanse and heal. 


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  1. Shared. Love this stuff, but with so many benefits,here are just 3. 1. Boosts metabolism, 2. stops sugar cravings; 3. great for the skin - hydrates, prevents wrinkles. :)

  2. Shared on FB. 1 strengthen the immune system 2. nourish the brain 3.positively affect our hormones for thyroid and blood sugar control