Jan 2, 2014


It may seem strange that as every other blogger is waving goodbye to 2013 and declaring big, bold 2014's filled with intentions, goals, and feeling... I jump offline.

But there are two reasons for this:

1. I need a rest from my laptop demands to be perfectly honest. After crunching assessments, exams, and blog posts all at once, I want a break. I need a break. I want to feel and read books with paper, not off a screen.

And 2. 

I've no clue what I want from 2014 right now, and seeing everyone else's beautiful planning, mapping, and goal setting, spruced up with crystal intentions set, whilst sipping herbal tea, is making me feel worse. Please don't get me wrong here... I am one of those people who uses crystals, spreads everything colourful out on the floor, and very happily and excitedly sets intentions, with tunes on, tea and chocolate in hand. But for whatever reason, right now, I'm just not feeling it. I wish I did. And I'm trying my best to be ok with it.

If you're feeling like me, and are a little... overwhelmed is the wrong word here, but more like down on yourself coz you're not feeling as excited as everyone else around you writing goals to tick off, getting new textas, and glueing pictures of Bora Bora to a vision board... please don't get disheartened. Either it's just not your thing and that's cool, or, today just isn't when you feel to do it. Maybe next week? Or the week after that.

Until then, I've decided to take a mini break from my blog considering this time of year is full of seeing people, beach swims, bush walking, interstate travel and so on... I don't want to feel that I have to be on my laptop at any (or many) certain hour(s) of the day. I'd rather jump on when I feel the urge too, around seeing friends and lounging in the sun. But that means I can't be writing to you every few days.

A week, two weeks, three, I don't know. It's not that I don't love writing anymore - in fact the total opposite. I love it! But I really want some time away from my laptop after days on end in-front of it finishing up my studies.

I'm also eager about what I want to do on the blog next year and (as an old fashioned lover of pen and paper) I can't wait to sit down with a clear head and a cuppa tea, and really flesh it out!

I want to use this time to focus my attention on:
  • Designing and getting clear on the services I will be offering clients in the New Year, and setting it all up nicely so I'm ready to go!
  • Writing a truckload of blog posts for you, additional magazine pieces, and guest posts on other sites
  • Have fun creating new recipes, tasting them, tweaking them, tasting them again (really it's just an excuse to eat lots of amazing food isn't it?)
  • Finishing off my final case studies for my final tick from college
  • Properly catch up with friends and family all along the east coast whilst B and I road trip

I'll still be on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so you can find me updating those daily. And your weekly newsletter will still be hitting your inbox of a Friday also. Not getting it? Sign up here.

Enjoy these glorious Summer days if you're also in Oz (snowy hot-chocolate-drinking Winter if not), and I'll see you on the flip side.

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