May 20, 2014


I often get asked what exactly I eat in a day. I understand why - I used to want to know every little morsel other health practitioners put into their mouths as well. If they ate it surely it would be amazing for me too. Well, no, not always. But nonetheless, I am letting you in on what my day on a plate looks like, but as with everyone who asks, I maintain the suggestion that this is just that - a suggestive dietary plan. Try it or don't, but feel and notice what works for you.

I was a vegetarian/vegan/raw vegan for a total of 15 years, and even though I still eat a lot of raw food, and plenty of plant foods, I do also eat animal products now, and stay away from foods that aggravate my gut - be them vego, meat or otherwise. 

This is just an overview of 'a day in the life of food' for me. Sometime I eat grains, but mostly I don't. Sometimes I eat cheese but mostly I don't. The same with alcohol. I no longer have any hard and fast rules, but I do know what my body prefers mostly, and in the moments I feel like a Mars Bar or a beer, I'll have it. And because I'm in tune with my body and know what it wants, that Mars Bar and beer go down a treat when it's what my body wants. 

So enough chatter, onto the food porn pics :)

On rising - I drink water. That's it. I don't do lemon in water unless I really feel like it, or if I'm actively cleansing, as it can easily wear away tooth enamel and I'd rather keep that!

Acai bowl. Berry and cashew smoothie. Eggs, bacon, tomato, mushies, spinach on essene bread or on sourdough is I'm out. Green tea to follow. Or occasionally a long black.

This will depend on what time and what I ate for brekkie. Sometimes it's no more than another green tea. Other times it may be a large handful of nuts, a bliss ball or two, a large glass or small bottle of kombucha, a few pieces of choccie.

Always salad with something protein-y. My go-to's are often sustainable tinned salmon, tuna or mackeral, leftover cold chicken, or a couple of eggs. With this I'll be eating a big green leafy salad with anything from tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, carrot, sprouts, leftover cooked broccoli, cauliflower or sweet potato, maybe a little fetta cheese or some seeds, always a good splosh of flaxseed oil and apple vinegar or lemon, sea salt and sometimes herbs or spices. And always B's home made saurekraut! Check out this Detox Salad, Eat It With Your Eyes Salad, Spring Bean or Raw Pad Thai salads. If I'm not very hungry I'll opt for a few raw crackers with almond butter, avocado and mackeral on top. I also try to add some goodies that I don't always eat - like seaweed flakes, sprouts, herbs.

If I'm working, it's kombucha without a doubt! And maybe a few nuts. If I'm not working, perhaps a green juice, a protein shake, raw veg with hommous, it always varies.

Steak and veg or salad. Roast chicken. Lazy eggs and veggie scramble. If I'm not very hungry I might just reheat some bone broth and add a handful of mung bean noodles. Last night I made beef mince taco-less tacos, using cos lettuce leaves as the taco shells. An awesome quick and delicious meal. Organic BBQ with friends. Pot luck dinners we love so we're always eating different salads, meats, veggies and treats with friends.

So there you go. If anything I hope you've gotten some new food inspiration from this.

Can you share with me below your favourite meal that you eat almost daily?

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