May 15, 2014


I wanted to write a post on being Inspired by Love. What I am currently being really inspired by and in the hopes of inspiring you some how.

It was only yesterday morning that I wasn't feeling a great sense of inspiration and it was hindering me from writing blog posts. I was flipping through nutrition books, magazines, blogs online... all in the hope of finding something, some little gem, that would spark an Aha moment and my typing would be well under way, with an awesome headliner to boot. The more I explored the less I found.

So I dropped my "should" of the morning and began doing other things that, admittedly needed doing at some point, but were more interesting and enjoyable for me at that time -- making design changes to my Facebook page, my newsletter, scribbling down ideas for photos that I want to have taken of both me and food, doing a 10 minute sexy arms workout, and scrolling through Etsy for some gorgeous mandala prints and the odd ebook here and there.

It may sound odd, strange, or even simple, but that was perhaps the beauty of it all - the simplicity.
I was doing stuff that I was loving! "Babe come check this design out -- I did it!" After all, my blog, social media sites and newsletter are the main sources of where my creativity juices are flowing of late.

And so, in doing what I love, I now have a blog post to share with you too. Perfection really.

And without further adieu, allow me to share what has inspired me this week...

Seeing friends follow their dreams; making plans to leave retail day jobs in pursuit of their healing practices and yearning to connect with gorgeous souls on a deeper level than a register transaction. And witnessing my partner start a new journey with what he is loving doing and being right now, creating and generating classes, clients and a life he loves.

Exploring new businesses - check out The Prospect Project in Perth which is "about making a conscious decision to treat yourself with love and respect". Ooh I love that.

Finding free online courses given out to all, for all, from a space of love. This one is about Chasing Dreams - "a little creation with the intention of helping you feel that deep excitement and passion you had as a child, that enthusiasm to pursue your dreams and kick fear to the curb".

Mindfulness and Meditation; watching this beautiful interview with Tom Cronin done by Melissa Ambrosini, and then opening up to an invitation to a Mindfullness night in Sydney next month seemed perfect.

I hope I've inspired you if only a little by what other people around me are so gorgeously doing right now.

Can you tell me what's inspiring the pants off you right now as I would love to lose a little more time in that space. 

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