May 6, 2014


Wanting to buy some green super food product but have no idea what's what?

This is a super common question I hear both from friends and family, and at work. The wall of green powders intimidates some people and I see them left staring up at it, and then call me for help. It need not be so difficult to navigate, and although each has a long list of benefits you could easily write a book about, I'm just gonna give you the basics based on your symptoms.

First up, green powders can be the most effective and simplest approach to many common issues. If you’re not familiar with a “green powder” it’s a powder made from the juice of young cereal grasses like barley, or wheat, or from seaweed sources such as spirulina.

They are all high in chlorophyll, and amongst many other things, are good for:

- Cleansing the blood
- Controlling blood sugar
- Cleansing the liver and gallbladder
- Reducing acidity in the stomach
- Promoting healthier skin
- Deodorizing the body

Are you often tired or exhausted?

Try Spirulina first. It consists of 65-71% protein, the highest concentration of protein found in any food. It is also the most nutrient dense whole food in nature, containing over 100 nutrients, including iron. A lack of these two nutrients that can lead to fatigue and feeling tired if you're not getting enough in your diet. Of course you need to be making sure your protein and iron levels from food is adequate but spirulina will definitely give you a pep up. As it is sulfur based, it has that eggy-sulfur smell; don't say I didn't warn you. Get tablets if you prefer, otherwise start with a teeny bit in a smoothie so you don't taste too much and go from there. Once you start feeling the difference you're taste buds will start to love it anyway.

Are you a vegetarian?

Grab Spirulina. For all the reasons above. Or blue-green algae. High in omega 3 fatty acids this stuff is great for brain cells and skin health.

Are you doing a cleanse or a long term detoxification protocol?

Give Chlorella a go. Chlorella is super powered when it comes to detoxifying the body. Especially heavy metals. Chlorella supports the function of the brain and liver, improves digestion and elimination, helps regenerate the body, protects against radiation, relieves inflammation, supports healthy weight loss, enhances the immune system, and overall accelerates the healing process within the body. Whoah! Start with small doses though as you might feel a little woo-woo with headaches and what not (detox reactions) and then you can build up from there. Chlorella has a pretty strong seaweed taste so if you know you're not good with funny tasting powders, get the tablets. Otherwise a teaspoon of this stuff in coconut water is the bomb!

Easing up on the processed foods and only just starting to eat better?

Experiment with Barley grass. I love this stuff but I also feel it's a gentle one to start with. It's also the least over-powering taste of all the greens. I add this to banana smoothies, but also love a teaspoon mixed into warm water (which is a Macrobiotic thing I believe)

What about Wheat grass? I've never taken this on it's own to know how I feel, but this is another goodie, especially if you're cleaning up your act from head to toe.

And if you still can't decide...  

Pretty much every brand does a combo mix these days with wheat grass, barley grass, spirulina and chlorella. As with all the greens powders, I suggest starting small because they have very strong flavours that a lot of people dislike. I know I'm hardly selling it to you here but the benefits from these are huge. The first time I had spirulina I hated it. And didn't touch it again for about 6 months. Then I was having it daily and loving it, along with how it made me feel. So perhaps start with tablets and try powders later on.

Which brand is best? Most of them these days are of superior quality. In no particular order, common brands in Oz include Green Nutritionals/Hawaiian Pacifica, Morelife, Synergy, Loving Earth (for blue-green algae), Changing Habits, and Melrose.

Now how do you take it?

These are all super simple to use anyone can do it. I often suggest starting with 1/2 a teaspoon due to the unfamiliar and sometimes strong taste of green powders, and then working up from there. Follow the recommended serve on the packaging and add greens to water or juice, coconut water is my fav, or even in a banana smoothie or some other smoothie where the sweetness of fruit can balance the new green flavour your taste buds may be adjusting too.

Now to you -- Do you take a green powder daily? Which one is your fav or do you like to mix it up? Share in the comments right below...



  1. Christie can you mix these products with organic protein powders? I'm thinking a smoothie?

    1. Hey Anon... yeah for sure! Protein, green powder, a banana and/or berries... coconut water... only limited to your imagination :)

  2. Spirulina made into a paste with water and put on the skin is great. Wait until it dries and then wash off. Guess you could be a green scarecrow in the backyard if the weather is warm or just hang around the bathroom. As the skin is our major organ is just gets in!