May 13, 2014


Not everyday I wake up, bound outta bed, grin from ear to ear, and can't wait to start my day. Yep, believe it or not, there are days when I don't want to get out at all. I'm tired, moody, perhaps a little stiff in my muscles, and have no desire to do, well anything.

Today was one of those days.

I woke up at 630am needing to pee and with half-shut eyes found my way to the bathroom... and then back to bed. The amount of tiredness I felt in my body, I was sure I'd fall back to sleep instantly. 

Unfortunately not. I lay there, thinking, and thinking some more, rolling around, almost cranky like a little kid that I couldn't get back to sleep as I felt soooooo tired. So I got on my phone. Quietly scrolling through Instagram whilst B was still sleeping. I know, not the best move on waking up, I had those thoughts too - "Christie turn it off, look later" ... to no avail.

It was probably an hour later that B woke up, bolt up right as I accidentally pressed that round button on my iphone for too long, and Siri said hello... I'm really rambling now but I'm somehow getting to where I wanted to go with this...

We chatted. The weather outside was sh*t and I had no desire to go for my usual morning walk. I wanted coffee. In bed. I haven't had coffee in months, let alone in bed. Then in our cuddling I began to feel sad, and want to cry, for reasons I didn't know. Perhaps it's the shedding of layers, people, places, story's and more that are no longer serving me, leaving me for good really, yet it still hurts.

So B ran my Bars (I've briefly mentioned Access Bars previously - read here for more info), and it was only then I felt like I was having deeply restorative restful sleep - without actually being asleep. I realised that I haven't been getting that... yes I've been sleeping but not getting to the deep restful sleep that I wake from feeling, well, rested. And to have half an hour of that this morning was pure bliss.

Besides from that, I realised that I don't have to go for a morning walk every morning. If I feel like lying in bed til 9am even when I wake at 630am (like this morning), if I in fact listen to that, it's of more benefit to me (and my thighs) than walking anyway - and for those reading who work early, I'm not rubbing my 9am morning in, today I was lucky enough to not have to go to work.

In summary of my ramblings... morning routines are an awesome way to start your day, begin in a certain way you love too, centre yourself, set intentions, or to have perhaps the only quiet time with yourself you get all day... but if one day you don't feel like doing your routine, and wanna throw it all out the window for 24hrs (or more), go for it! It's liberating to say the least. And for the most of us, doing, doing, doing, it's nurturing and soul nourishing to let go a little every now and then.

In contrary to this post, do you have a morning routine? What does it entail? Or do you prefer to set nothing and just roll with... Please tell me a little in the comments below :)

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