May 27, 2014


First up, I'll stick my hand up for a greater appreciation of our individual bodies, and as a collective. There are far too many trashy mags these days with "she's too fat" and "she's too skinny" on the covers, misleading females everywhere as to what's even healthy these days.

Having said that, even when we do have a gorgeous acceptance and love of our body, there are times when we may have let our healthy eating habits slide, work and study has taken over our lives, illness has been present, or something else that may have led a few kg's to creep on up, and for whatever reason now, you might be struggling to knock em back off.

So I want to share with you what I share with my clients, and what I have had results with. Let it be said again though that every client I see, every email I receive and every face that walks into the health food shop is different, and therefore fat loss will be as well. These tips are simple yet effective and most of the time, will yield some results for everybody.


Yep, it may sound boring and less likely to offer any changes in centimeters than popping the latest weight loss pill, but believe me when I tell you it's during your sleep that your body has the chance to reset everything and get back to where it's healthy and happy, that is, minus those extra kg's. Aim to be in bed by 1030pm to start with, then nudge it back to 930pm. You're likely to be rising between 6am and 730am for most of us, so this will ensure a solid 8-10hrs sleep.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

Most people I meet don't drink enough. And most people I meet also say they could snack all day. Ok, so there's 2 reasons for this; one being a lack of nutrient rich food, but the other is a lack of water. When we feel hunger, a lot of the time it's actually thirst and dehydration. So have a big glass of water if you feel hungry and didn't eat all that long ago as it's probably just thirst.

But ditch the grog

So you know I'm not a calorie counter, but alcohol is essentially empty calories. They're filling you up but giving you nothing in return. In fact it's only taking you down hill with it. We all know grog affects our liver which has to process and filter it. These days, with the chemical laden skin care products, city pollution, pesticides and herbicides on our produce, chlorine and fluoride in our tap water... our liver already had more than enough work to do. So it then becomes another stressor on our system, wreaking havoc every step of the way, and long story short, we hold onto excess weight as a result.

Lay up on the cardio

More often than not, the inability to shed the last few is due to high stress. Be it work, relationships, your home situation, something else, or a combination of all. Add to that the high intenstiy gym sessions whilst you're trying to lose the weight, and you're only putting more stress on your body. Put simply, stress, stress and more stress to your body means Danger! Hold onto everything we've got! And that includes excess weight. By ditching the hardcore sweat sessions and instead doing very gentle yoga (which yes, at first, will feel useless) or tai chi, you will be reducing your stress load immensely, and thus whittling that waistline at the same time. 
Conversely though, if you're a couch potato, you're the one that needs the sweat sessions.

Make sure you're eating enough

This one relates to the cardio - too often I see loads of exercise teamed up with minimal food as the old adage "input in; input out" plays in the minds of those doing this. I'm here to tell you it's all wrong! Do you think that theory ever took into account the fact that you burn calories sitting on the couch reading? Or when you're asleep at night? No. And I doubt you did either. The more you starve your body, again it's going Danger! Hold onto everything we've got! So that low-carb, low-fat, sugar-free, cardboard, gluten-free snack bar that says it has only 100 calories, well it's going straight to your thighs anyway! Eat real food. Enough of it so you're not hungry. And your body won't need to hold onto any of it. Instead it will do what it's been designed to do with it - use it as fuel; not storage.

Relaxation is a must!

Pick your pleasure - meditation, deep belly breathing, dancing to your favourite tunes, reading a few chapters of a book you love each day. You need to get offline, put technology away, get outside where there's fresh air and green grass, and reconnect to the Earth. Give thanks. Life doesn't revolve around fat loss anyway. Get the bigger picture here. Choose to let the weight go. And drop it. If you're forever trying to "lose weight" your subconscious will forever be trying to "find it". So instead, let it go. Let it go, Let it go, Let it go.


Coz so often in a bid to let go of the few kg's that are no longer serving us, we beat ourselves up about it, slog ourselves on the pavement, eat carrot sticks and lettuce leaves, and none of this is fun at all! So live a little. Trust me on this one, if you're having a ball living the life you're here to live, any excess weight will drop off!

And for those wondering, no it's not wine at brekkie in that pic... it's a specialty coffee at our fav cafe in Cairns :)

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