Sep 19, 2013

NOURISH: Spring Bean Salad Recipe

I'm not sure where about in this beautiful world of ours you are currently, but I can tell you that up in Cairns right now, it's getting hotter and hotter. Roast veggies aren't so appealing anymore, nor are any hot foods that require the oven on and in turn my whole house heating up. So, I'm turning to the cold stuff (and making broth after dark) to satisfy my grumbling belly and this here is the perfect antidote to a hot Spring day.

Grab the following:

1/2 cup mixed organic tinned beans (drained)
Handful of green beans, sliced length ways
1/2 small red capsicum, sliced
Small handful of rocket
Tin of Fish 4 Ever tuna in olive oil* (drain a little oil but not all)
Sprinkle of cumin powder
Sprinkle of chilli flakes
Lid-ful of apple cider vinegar

In a mixing bowl add your mixed beans, sliced green beans and red capsicum, rocket and tuna. Add cumin, chilli, vinegar, salt and pepper. Mix through gently using your hands or a couple of spoons.
Serve up on your favourite plate and go to enjoy your delicious nutritious lunch outside on the grass.

This is enough to make a satisfying lunch for one hungry tummy, or can also be used as two side-salads to whatever else you might be having.

Buon appetit.

Christie xx

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* And just so you know, no I am not at all linked to Fish 4 Ever. It just so happens that they have an amazing product, amazing sustainability and ethical grounds in our world that needs more of it, I feel good buying it, and my tummy is super keen to be eating it!

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