Nov 13, 2010

SCREAM Summer!

Ummm... So who's just FREAKIN LOVING this hot weather the past few days?!?! I am that's for sure! I LIVE for this type of weather.

Everything lights up in my world. I can't help but smile and be happy. I want to get more things down. I want to spend all my time outside. I want to see friends, go to the beach, visit markets, be part of the BUZZ.
I LOVE the sound of cicadas outside coz to me, THAT'S SUMMER!

But there's one other thing that screams "SUUMMER IS HERE" to me, and that's MANGOES! (and before you make mention, yes I am well aware that Summer hasn't actually started yet but a girl can dream).

Ok so I've been a HUGE fan of these delicious, juicy, flavoursome beauties since as far back as I can remember. Anyone that knows me also knows that a mango in my hand is as good as gold!

(or 5 mangoes on a plate for lunch will suffice quite nicely also)

So with the warmer weather I wanted to create something cold and delicious... my inspiration of course? The good ol' Mango Weiss Bar. Remember those little guys? My childhood memories involve many a mango weiss bar. Ice cold. Juicy. Dripping down your hand even though it came in a great little plastic wrapper. And that of course meant that when you got to the end there was a nice little puddle of mango juice sitting there waiting to be sucked up :)

So I decided to try and recreate these using all RAW ingredients. Made off the top of my head I didnt measure anything but coz it tasted so good, and is so easy to make, I wanted to share it with you all. The measurements given are rough estimates of course.

You'll need:

Frozen mango (I pre-cut 3 and put them in containers in the freezer)

Flesh from one young coconut
1/4 - 1/2 cup pre-soaked cashew nuts
1/4 cup coconut oil
Agave syrup (drizzle worth)
Coconut water as needed

- Blend your frozen mango until smooth
- Spread it into a small container lined with baking paper

- Blend coconut flesh, cashew nuts, coconut oil, and agave syrup. Add coconut water to help blend it all up, but start with just a little. You can always add more but you cant add less. You're aiming for a completley smooth coconut cream.

- Then smooth this ontop of your mango layer and cover with foil, glad wrap, container lid etc and pop it back into the freezer to set.

When it's ready to eat, cut it into long pieces resembling Mango Weiss Bars.

Cut up on my plate ready to be bitten into...

Done! Cold on the teeth. Taste buds in Heaven. Welcome back Summer!


  1. "You can always add more but you cant add less" HAHA loved it! i'm going to try and make these myself tomorrow :)

  2. These look great... nice and healthy and a perfect summer treat. Bookmarked!

  3. Where did that amazing summer weather go?!! I'm loving your blog. These look jaw-droppingly good!!

  4. I used to love those guys. Europe is going into winter but as soon as we hit summer I'm making those guys...... actually I'm not waiting for summer, they look so good!!!!