Nov 8, 2010

What a Cruelty Free Sunday!

Wow-wee what a stunning Sunday we had yesterday! Weather that made the CRUELTY FREE FESTIVAL all the more fun to be at.

I've been to the festival for 3yrs running now, always as a volunteer, and along with the Vegan Expo mid-year (that I wrote about here), I absolutley LOVE this thing! Outdoors, sun shining, loads of people about, plenty of friends also spend the day down there and I'm always meeting new folk too. Great music - Rachael Brady from the Blue Mountains who I LOOOOOVE was playing again this year - cooking demonstrations, talks, and a new speed dating setup for all the single vegans out there proved to be alot of fun (said those who participated of course)

I got down there just before 11am and helped out on the Tea and Empathy stall with (Tantalising) Tam for a few hours having a ball. We were both UBER EXCITED getting there; it's our PLAY DAY OUT! We sold LOADS of cupcakes, cookies, scones, chocolate crackles, and muffins that were kindly baked by beautiful people to raise money for the Vegan Society, and we mucked around with everyone that stopped for a chat.

Maya and Grant were doing green smoothies and fruit at their stall and having a BLAST! The Animal Liberation crew had their stall as usual selling lots of educational and in-your-face merchandise. The famous Funky Pies sold out as they do every year. Addiction brownies were on everyones lips. And The Cruelty Free Shop stand was buzzing with newbie-vegans OVERWHELMED with their amazing range, and oldie-vegans shopping for their stapels (I got an old fav of mine that's not raw; a rich chewy chocolate covered liquer-type apricot. OMG).

Check out the HUGE jar of sprouts on the table!

My mum stopped by about lunch time which was nice. We tip-toed around squelchy muddy grass patches, up and down through the market stalls grabbing a few things that caught our eyes - I got a new mineral makeup to try and some raw olives from Conscious Choice which I cant wait to try out, and mum bought herself a box of hand made vegan rum balls that look incredible!!

Then early arvo I was then making badges with the kiddies - don't you just love the collection I was adding too on my shorts?

Like the middle one? Hand written by me; Peace, Love and Mung Beans :)

So again, another year done and dusted. Loved it.

And then to make the most of the GLORIOUS sunny weather, Brock, Tam and I went on down to do the Spit to Manly walk.

Through bushes, rainforest-like trees, cool coverings and hot dry open spaces. We walked across sandy beaches, through ice cold puddles, up and down sandstone steps, and admired each and every view that opened up.

The fresh air was ENERGISING.
The warm sunshine was BLISSFUL.
And the conversations had along the way - humerous.

It took about 2hrs to get down to Manly where loads of people were out and about also making the most of the sunshine. We did a slow U-Turn and began our ascent back up Sydney Road to Tam's place.

And when we came up to Balgowlah, on the side of the footpath, I spotted about 20 heads of KALE planted right infront of the local newsagency! After close to 3hrs of solid walking we were like 3 hungry kids in a lolly shop!

Epic weekend indeed!

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