Nov 30, 2010

Journey To The Top End Part 2

Ok so I promised you guys big juicy pics of all the fruit we got from the markets on both Saturday and Sunday whilst in Darwin and here they are...

We went to local markets with Brock's sister Asha and her husband Darren. Different markets, both with amazing local produce. Check these out...

Lady finger bananas - and possibly the actual size of pudgy lady's fingers.

Mangoes. Mangoes. Mangoes.

More mangoes, delicious red papayas, ripe bananas.

Papayas, lady fingers, asian greens.

The insides of a red papaya. So juicy and sweet. Brock and I must have easily had over 15kg whilst away. Everything we got was SO GOOD. Juicy. Delicious. Fresh. And so cheap! We were in FRUIT HEAVEN!

After our journeying through Litchfield National Park on Saturday we decided to chill-ax with a lazy picnic dinner by the sea.

We drove to East Gardens to watch the sunset which was beautiful. You can see the pink-purple sky. Asha and Darren had their home made wraps, while Brock and I had more mangoes AND... DURIAN!

Brock got himself one from the markets that morning and was very much looking forward to it. Not a fan myself, I left it with him only insisting it stayed outside the house. These things STINK. I mean S-T-I-N-K. Really really bad.
I've only had it once myself and hated it. But as it seems, most people I know also hated it the first time they tried it, then liked it, now LOVE it. Weird. But I have heard that from loads of people, so I was willing to try it again. And fair enough, it wasn't as bad at the first time I tried it. I won't go as far as to say I like it, or even love it, but it's O-K. Just O-K.

Monday morning Brock and I were up early and in the car, setting off to KAKADU NATIONAL PARK. This place is World Heritage listed and rightly so. I remember visiting when I was about 8yrs old and loving the beauty of this place then so to go back was awesome. And even more beautiful than I remembered it to be.
The drive is east of Darwin and it takes about 2 1/2 - 3hrs until you hit the park entry. The roads are long. The stop off are few and far between. Just us, the car and the open road.

The first place we stopped was a place called Ubirr. We did a shirt 1km walking track, spotting Aboriginal rock art sites along the way before coming to a steep climb to a view that took my breath away...

It looked like something out of the Lion King. We sat there in silence. Still. Looking out over the Nadab floodplains as far as our eyes could see. The photo does not do this place justice. Dare I say I've never seen anything so beautiful.

Lush green grasses. Massive rock formations.

As the day neared it's end and the sun was going down we ventured on to Cooinda where we had planned on crashing that night. Home of the Yellow Water, and the Yellow Water River Cruise. A cruise where you get the see CROCS!

So the following morning we headed off at 630am. The sun was already awake and beaming, the heat was already soaring, and we were ready to go check out what nature had instore.

Brock was alert and on CROC-WATCH. With eyes like an eagle, and an enthusiasm like a little boy, all he wanted to see were CROCS. Not dissapointed.

But the surrounds of the area are beautiful also. The water was like glass. So smooth and still.

Complete mirror image in the water reflection.

I LOVE these lillies. They come up out from the water and hold their heads high. I can only imagine being a little frog and having an afternoon snooze inside one of the lily pads :)

This little guy is a Jabiru. Well he was. Apparently there is also a bird in Mexico (if my memory serves me correctly) with the same name, so this cutie is now named the Black Necked Stork.

But I can't finish this without letting you in on this SENSATIONAL FRUIT we found and tried. I wonder how many of you will actually be surprised, in knowing my favourtie fruit...

Um... Red-skin-bananas.
I say that like it's nothing new. But TOTALLY COOL!! WOW was I excited when I saw them.

This picture however was taken when we had already eaten the majority of them and the only ones left were these mini ones. We had them in the fridge overnight due to scorching temperatures in the middle of Kakadu, and they were sitting on a wire shelf so when they came out they began to sweat real quick and looked like little grilled sausages. But so delicious! If only I could get them down here...

And on that note I think I'll leave it there. You've seen enough pics, read enough about fruit.

Now stop reading and go get yourself some! :)

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