Nov 5, 2010

Sunset Parfaits

MoFo Day 5 peoples!!

Last night Brock and I went to Dad and Gails for dinner which is always FAB! I love to see what gail prepares as she herself knows very little about RAW cuisine but as a MAD foodie nonetheless, she's always up for the challenge.

Unfortunatley I forgot to take my camera to snap pics of the amazing presentation, but a quick run down of what we ate...

- Assorted nuts to nibble on...
- Glasses of fresh watermelon juice (which I thought would upset my tum tum with other food combos but after a little sip that was INCREDIBLE, I had a glass and was very pleased with no nasty side effects)

Then we had:

- Shredded cabbage and carrot salad with snow pea sprouts...
- A big green leaf salad with celery, cucumber, radish and herbs...
- A bowl full of THE BEST heirloom tomatoes I've ever had!! with baby onion, basil and shallots...
- Soft, smooth avocado halves with tomato salsa in the centres...

And the the piste-resistance (for which I found Dads camera coz this just HAD to be seen to be believed)... DESSERT!!

Watermelon, mango and mulberry parfaits with frozen melon balls and fresh juicy, tasy fruit to go with it. Oh my god! She did well.

Very well.


  1. ha! can you please lend me your dad and his gail for just one evening?... ;)

  2. its tough being raw! dont know how we do it xo