Nov 4, 2010

POW POW Protein POWder

Happy Day 4 of Vegan MoFo guys! If you havn't had a chance to check out the official website I STRONGLY suggest you do. If you LOVE delicious food it's the palce to go. Made really easy to navigate and loads of food pics from all over the globe (mainly cooked vegan but still FAB) it's raw chocolate for the eyes.
So it's Market Day today but the weather is cold and rainy so with my day off I've opted to stay in doors and get some study done (so far I've made myself a green smoothie, just poured a mug of tea, written out my food diary, emptied the bins, uploaded photos and cleared one of our fridges, salivated over pictures on Vegan MoFo, and now I'm blogging... yet to get to that study).

So anyways, EXCITING SHOPPING NEWS! Last week I finally bought a big tub of SunWarrior Raw Vegan Protein. And I say FINALLY coz I've been wanting to try since I first read about it, but for me to order things online I'm either in the mood or I'm not (watch out if I am!), and so when Taste Organic up the road from me decided to get it in and stock it on their shelf, well, they made things very easy for me. I got myself the natural flavour for several reasons; (1) it's got less to it obviously (2) it would be the easiest to incorporate into whatever I fancied without having everything taste like chocolate for instance, and (3) i think it's best for my skin (acne) to keep things minimalistic. Lucky I wanted the natural flavour as it was the only flavour left on the shelf!

If you've never heard of Sun Warrior protein before you can read more about it here, otherwise I briefly say that it's 80% pure protein, and therefore the highest raw complete vegan, hypo-allergenic superfood protein currently available anywhere. Not bad hey.

So having finished my little detox/cleanse last Sunday (which went very well infact) I was very much looking forward to trying out my new protein; especially as I have increased my training of late also.
I've now been having protein most days and really enjoying it. It doesn't taste horrible like alot of protein powders can (If you've tried different powders before I'm sure you'd be familiar with that "protein powder" taste. Urgh.

So for brekkie at work the other morning I experimented and made myself a big tasty thickshake - Frozen bananas, acai, carob, and protein powder. Mmm-mmm! So good. Sucking it through a straw, it tasted better than a Maccas thickshake at 3am on a Sunday morning when you're craving shit from drinking all night long! Oh the memories...
It filled me and I was on my way to a great day!

How are your morning lately? What do you guys eat for brekkie? Anything NEW and EXCITING you've been trying in spirit of Vegan MoFO?


  1. Oh I LOVE this. It sits so well in the stomach and I feel nourished after it. Makes a green smoothie kick...


  2. Yumo Christie - your food always looks AMAZING!
    Your pictures are always so bright and colourful - your body must constantly feel so clean!
    Can I come round one day to play and watch and learn?! I want to learn how you make your smoothies and desserts...

  3. Love sunwarrior protein powder! I usually have salad with spirulina for breakfast, or chia porridge with bee pollen and goji berries!

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