Nov 7, 2010

Open For Business

MoFo Day 7 and I'm SO EXCITED to be heading off for the Cruelty Free Festival in Central in a few hours! There will be BIG blog piccies from that later on for sure!!

For now though I've got a few mouth-watering temptations for you to salivate over.
Yesterday was the RAW CAFE at Taste Organics that I help Maya out with every month and another great day it was...

Chocolate Lovers Dream Pie - chocolate base, white chocolate layer, dark chocolate layer, cacao nibs and oozy goozy choccie sauce. Yep definatley a chocolate lovers!!

Roundtable Salad - greens, cherry tomatoes, activated pepitas, sprouts, the BEST chilly/curry/flavoursome tomato sauce and a delicious garlic and chive cheese/dip that always surprises customers who think it's dairy. Love those questions :)

Served with crackers but this month we had a new variety - Rosemary Almond and a Spicier version that also differs in colour (both from a new company called The Goodness Company)

This is my all time favourite - Moonlight Shadow - a chocolate spiced moon brownie with THE BEST vanilla ice cream known to man kind. I'm not kidding!

Another newbie this month - on the left is a Chocolate Mint Slice, and on the left is a chewy Goji Cookie. Both delicious.

And then this was the SURPRISE this month. There is always one brand spanking new dessert on the menu that noone knows about unless they come to the cafe. It was the MESSY COLADA! A light, soft, creamy Chocolate Mousse served with a fresh orange slice, orange chocolate pieces and finished with a rich chocloate sauce.


  1. Damn, that looks amazing. Every little bit of it, but especially the crackers and the salad.

  2. My plans to get there this week were thwarted! I WILL get there one day! x