Nov 2, 2010

There's never enough crumble

Ok guys so guess what? It's Vegan MoFo! VEGAN MONTH OF FOOD and over the years it has gotten bigger and BIGGER that countries all over the globe participate and blog about vegan food non-stop, day and night, for the whole month of November (like we don't do that all year round anyways). And I'm UBER excited! I commit to sharing as many simple tasty quick delicioussly VEGAN recipes with you as possible (raw of course - although I'm not totally 100% raw at the moment as I'm experimenting with my digestion and such... another story).

And to start the ball rolling I thought I'd share what I made for Brock's birthday last week (during "Brocktober" as he likes to call it). Now admittedly, it was a simple meal due to a hundred other things I had going on (along with a migrane that day), but a birthday is special, so it had to be special! I think it's cool to also show you guys that raw doesn't always have to be tricky to taste damn good.

Close friends of ours, Mitch and Sheree came over to dine with us, so Sheree and I were whipping up what we could find in the kitchen, while the boys watched gruelling workout videos on YouTube. Go figure.

The Menu:

Crisp carrot sticks drizzled with agave syrup and sprinkled with raisins, coconut and sesame seeds.

Garden fresh crunchy asparagus spears in a flaxseed oil and fresh garlic dressing. OMG.

A melange of greens including fresh kale, assorted lettuces, celery, cucumbers, and avocado, finished with fresh herbs and spices. Along side broccoli florets covered in warm coconut oil and nutritional yeast flakes (can you see these babies hiding in the background?)

...Melange salad topped with pepitas, sunflower seeds, flax oil and a whole squeezed lemon

And then of course DESSERT. I had so many ideas but not wanting to be in the kitchen for hours (with my migrane) and with limited supplies I remembered a box of apples we had in our spare fridge (yes Brock and I need a spare fridge for the amount of fruit and veg we eat).

So my little mind immediatley thought APPLE CRUMBLE! "I've got some nuts, the apples, spices... I'll just go buy raw ice cream this time... get some dates... Easy!" (yep, that's how my little mind ticks)

So I layered some crumble, some apple filling and then some more crumble into individual glasses, then topped them off with big dollops of vanilla ice cream.

We also had some chocolate crackles I had left over from the batch I made for college. Think of them like our "after dinner mints" (only lacking in mint). Our evening was really nice. Sheree and I initially thought to go on a picnic but as the weather turned last week, our little picnic ended up being on our living room floor. But the perfect place to be with a belly full of good food in on your floor at home is it not?

So going on memory here guys, my wham-bam-thankyou-mame-APPLE CRUMBLE recipe is something as follows...

Chop up 2 apples and throw them in the blender (or food processor) with a few medjool dates, a pinch of cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg, a pinch of salt (trust me it makes the sauce) and a drizzle of water, and blend it all til smooth.

Slice, dice, cube, grate (however you want) 3 or 4 apples. Pour your sauce over these and mix them through well.

For your crumble, pulse equal parts nuts and medjool dates until crumbly.

Then layer as you wish. And ENJOY!

I did crumble first, then apples, then more crumble - coz let's admit, there's never enough crumble!! Bung it in your dehydrator or low heat oven to warm it up a bit, or just never stick it in the fridge once you've made it.

Ice cream to serve (of course) and let your taste buds go nuts!


  1. Where do you get your raw ice-cream from Christie? x

  2. We do a raw detox every couple of months and we normally stick to simple fruits and veggies. All of this looks INCREDIBLE! Happy MoFo'ing!