Jul 26, 2010

Hungry for juice?

Today my head aches seemed to have disappeared (turns out the celery tip might have done the trick - thanks Glen). However I am in agony right now as my legs are aching something severe! Aside from being on my feet all day, which is nothing unusual for me, I don't know why they would be hurting so much :(

So, my JUICING. Well it turns out I'm not the SuperWoman I wished I was - I had a few nuts last night after my juices. Why? Not really sure. I felt like eating them.
And then I felt them. Severe cramps followed. So I had a warm peppermint tea which helped only slightly. Intersting to see how my body reacted after only 2 days on juices.

Today I've had...

1L apple and celery juice
600ml water
600ml orange and daikon juice (strangely amazingly good)
1L tomato, cucumber, celery juice (delicious!)
1L green juice (whole bunch choy sum, half head celery, big chunk of ginger and a lemon)

I bought 5 young coconuts as well that I look forward to getting into. I've done dry skin brushing, had a facial, taken my herbs, evening primrose oil and MSM.

I've also felt urges for solid food and part of me wants to give in - thinking maybe now isnt the right time to juice. But another part of me thinks that's my belly talking, and in actual fact now is as good as any time, and the only reason I'm feeling urges for solid food is to keep any surfacing emotions I'd rather not look at from getting to me...

What to do?

Keep juicing. Go day by day. And see how I feel. Really feel. I've got enough celery, greens, apples, oranges, carrots, pears, ginger, lemons, and more to fed an army. the only way to get through them all is to juice them!

And to remind myself that I'm striving for the GLOW.
A week on JUICE is a week of digestion rest and relaxation, whilst still getting MORE nutrients than my usual solid food diet to support my body, skin, soul.

When I'm JUICING, I LOVE it. I LOVE the way I feel on juice. Clean, Clear, Light. That's all I need to remember :)


  1. I love the new look of your Blog. And I am so Inspired by your commitment, willpower and passion for your raw food and your juicing. GO YOU!!!!

  2. Well done on the juicing! Sound like you're doing really well. Must have ben hard at the Aroma festival with all those wonderful smells! And I want to swim at the Hyatt too!

    I also think that we see the same naturopath as well as colon hydrotherapist! x