Jul 24, 2010

The Last Supper

So... like the new layout? I was playing around with so many different designs and layouts for hours I was getting nothing else done! So I've decided on this one for now and I'll see how it goes. So far so good. I'm liking it :) Simple yet still EXCITING and colourful.

Now, not-so-nice-note, this past week I've had a head ache pretty much everyday. No idea why. I've also felt nauseous at times. Again I've no idea why. And I'm not one that experiences ill health often so it's been a little uncomfortable to say the least. Taking it day by day and trying to focus on other things, I'm very happy to begin my JUICING this weekend.

I've been looking forward to it; I'm actually very EXCITED about it. The thought of CLEANSING, CLEARING :) The sensations I feel when I'm on path to finding my GLOW :) I've got a load of fruits and vegies, ginger as well, and I pre-cut enough for a few days this morning to save me time around my busy schedule. There are a few other bits and pieces that I'll be having as well as fresh juices - such as MSM, coconut water, my naturopathic herbs... I hope to see my colon hydrotherapist but I can't see it fitting into this week :( Salt baths, ionic foot cleanses, dry skin brushing... I'm doing a top-to-toe clean out.

So last night I made sure I had a DELICIOUS dinner with Brock as I don't know when I'll be eating solids again. It seems funny that whenever we embark on a detox or a cleanse of sorts, we feel the need to have one last SPLURGE before we "deprive" ourselves. Vegetarian pizza and a big bowl of ice cream was no doubt my LAST SUPPER of choice in high school. Not these days. I was hanging out for CABBAGE! Haha Oh how we change! I love the stuff. And with onion, together, you couldn't have 2 more BEAUTIFYING foods thanks to their high sulphur content (think hair, EYES, skin, nails).

Crunchy Creamy Coleslaw

1/2 red cabbage
1/4 red onion
2 large carrots
big handful of rocket
cob of corn

All sliced, diced, chopped how ever you wish. Drizzle olive oil over it all and mix it through.
Then for the creamy dressing, I threw 3/4 of a large avocado in the blender with an orange and half a lemon. Bit of salt and pepper. Then mixed that through.

So how long will I be JUICING? I don't know. At first I thought a week. But then I thought, well if my body (for whatever reason) isn't up to it now, I might only last a few days. But on the flip side, after a week I might still be feeling the need to continue. 10 days. 2 weeks. Until I physically really feel the HUNGER for solid food again, I'll be juicing.
Now one could say they'd feel hungry after a few days surely, but the thing with cleansing is that we are so used to feeling what we think is hunger when in actual fact alot of the time it's just the body cleansing, flushing out toxins, detoxing. But we mistake those sensations as hunger, so eat solid foods, and stop the detoxing process. Every time.

On a side note, my no-dried-fruit-thing has been going really well. A week and a half now, and having seen my naturopath mid-week he was impressed with how well I was doing. Candida much better. Tongue much clearer. I've been on different herbs for a while so of course they're making their mark, but I intuitivley knew the absence of dried fruit over the week would make a huge difference, and it did :)

And now my JUICING will be making things even better! That's a pic of brekkie this morn - beetroot, couple carrots, head of celery, couple of little apples, ginger and lemon. Cheers!


  1. Hi Christie, if you're getting headaches and feeling a bit nauseous, it might mean you need more sodium in your diet. On a raw diet this would mean eating more celery perhaps. Although it looks like you already have a nice bunch of celery there :-)

    I love the blog by the way, and good luck with the juicing!


  2. thanks for the tip glenn, ill be sure to have celery in my juices everyday and see if it helps :)