Jul 14, 2010

No direction can lead to clear direction

So I seem to be keeping myself awake at night wondering what to blog about next.
Sounds stupid right? It's the perfectionist in me wanting to have a little plan of action - juices next week, raw treats after that, then my buckwheat cereal recipe... store bought raw bars versus making them at home... the list goes on. Yet when I want to sit down to blog none of what I had "planned" seems to sit well with wherever I am in that moment.

And so, right now, I've got half an hour before I'm out the door to see a client, and I want to blog. Do I have something to blog about? Well no, but you're reading this so in a way, Yes.

I've been reading more and more on cleansing, fasting, juicing and colon hydrotherapy of late - all of which I LOVE and feel AMAZING when practicing so I'm really looking forward to incorporating more into my life in the next few weeks. They're all something I want to work with more down the track, understand and know upside down and back to front, so I can educate others on what I have such passion for.

I know when the time is right to do these again as I begin to get a sense of FUZZINESS; murky thoughts, emotional weaknesses. I see negative changes in my physical body and appearance, experience cravings for processed foods and start feeling BLAH. You know that one right - BLAH - a combination of yucky, heavy, confused, muddled, far from clear-headed and clear-bodied, slow, dry... I could go on.

And that's how I've been feeling lately. I haven't been looking after myself. I haven't been eating the way that makes me feel my best. I havn't been eating much at all in fact, I havn't been as hungry. But then other times I know I'm eating more than my body needs. Past the point of hunger. And my exercise routine has taken a step back as well due to more work. So all in all, I am not functionally at my optimal. But now I vow to change it all back to where it is at a level that makes me feel MY ABSOLUTE BEST!

So I'm in the process of planning to do a week long JUICE FEAST followed by a gallbladder cleanse and of course, another session with my colon hydrotherapist. Just the preparation for it all gets me EXCITED and BOUNCING about knowing how GREAT I'll be feeling very soon.

And I would like to let you all know that CLEANSING, FASTING, JUICING and DETOXING will no doubt feature more and more on my blog, but I will of course continue filling you in on my RAW culinarty creations, KITCHEN FUN and be sure to throw a few RECIPES at you every now and then.

But right now, I must jet.

Green love and white light
to you all :)

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  1. Lovely post Christie. Good luck with your journey. I had a colonic yesterday and was totally positive all afternoon. :)