Jul 25, 2010

Juicing in the Hyatt

So I'm on Day 2 of my JUICING! So far so good. Having started on a weekend when I had nothing planned was a very good idea I think.

After my delicious morning juice yesterday, the rest of my day looked a little like this...

2 cups of warm water
300ml of fresh apple juice with a hint of cinnamon
1 young coconut (water AND flesh blended together)
300ml green juice - zucchini, cos, bok choy, lemon and ginger
600ml water
300ml orange and apple juice
300ml beetroot, broccoli, daikon, carrot and kale juice

And around all that I had ...

4 tsp MSM
6ml vitex and wild yam
20ml thyroid herbs
30ml herbal tonic
1 evening primrose capsule

Not alot of juice to be honest but I was pottering around home all day studying so the calories weren't really needed.

Today I've had...

500ml beetroot, carrot, apple, ginger juice
500ml broccoli, celery, zucchini, bok choy, kale, cos, lemon, ginger juice
300ml carrot, apple, orange juice (at the Park Hyatt!!)
500ml broccoli, celery, zucchini, bok choy, kale, cos, lemon, ginger juice (made a big lot of it this morn)
500ml coconut water

(WOW! The only just had that and the coconut had SO MUCH water inside! Yesterday I had the flesh as well for some good fats but the rest of the week I'll only be having the water - saving the flesh to make RAW ICE CREAM!)

But the day's not over yet!

I ventured down to the Rocks Aroma Festival with Dad and Gail this morning as I LOVE the atmosphere of markets and festivals in the sun. It's all things coffee, tea, chocolate and spices. Sensory overload! ALthough I no longer drink coffee, I still have a very strange relationship with it -

as a Barista for 8yrs or there abouts, and having travelled Europe; predominantley Italia, I became a bit of a coffee snob. I loved my morning cup. I went from flat whites, with sugar to no sugar, then to soy milk mochas, back to flat whites, and then for the longest time LOVED it black. But it had to be good. Short black. Long black. No sugar. I would've died a happy woman with a coffee in my hand. The smell, the taste, the culture around it, the rituals that go with it, the history of it... See! A strange relationship. I could write a whole book on it! Yet I continue to not drink it. Moving on...

The festival was BUSTLING with people, music, and excitement as children happily giggled their stomachs sore on the camel rides along the foreshore. Turkish dances entertained the crowds and there was even a guy giving coffee readings!

Walking past the Park Hyatt I said I had always wanted to stay there to swim in the pool, and sit on the funky chairs in the window - so on the way back Dad decided to stop in for a drink. (Prior to midday) He was feeling the crisp, cold white wine, Gail ordered a hit cappuccino, and I got a delicious carrot, apple and orange juice.

I've had more energy today than yesterday but I also think it's due to getting outside. I've had that feeling of hunger in my belly for most of the weekend, but I've also had clarity of thoughts in my head. I felt a few ups and downs yesterday where a part of me felt I could have easily slipped into the pantry - but I knew it was purely emotional and would have done me no good. I remind myself why I chose to JUICE and can easily be back on track.

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  1. amy said...
    AGHHH you're like a juicing machine!! This makes me want to juice :( I don't have a pro juicer but what I do is make my smoothie formula, and add way more water. It just gets thinner and juice-like!

    ps. sweet blog :D