Jul 2, 2010

Home Away From Home

Good evening! It's Friday night and I'm staying in (nothing unusual for those that know me) as its FREEZING COLD! Well actually, I'm having dinner at Dad's place with Lisa and Gail and blogging at the same time :)

I trust you have all had a FANTASTIC week! I know I have. I've been house sitting all week at my cousins place and I'm loving having a place all to myself :)

My week has been filled with working everyday at either the health food shop or the coaching centre... I've had dinner with Brock a couple of times, been soaking buckwheat, made brazil nut milk, ducked home for my long Tuesday gym session, bought fresh organic kale on Monday, yummy organic bananas on Thursday from the markets I so love to visit...

...I've made sure to make the MOST of my new location by venturing down to Sydney Harbour for my daily runs. The weather has been chilly but the afternoon sun is perfect for a run, but these pics I took later one evening. And this first one is from my favourite lookout...

And I made sure I passed the Throttle Shop on my way back round to check out the FERRARI'S... and found a black Scaglietti. Mmmmmm :D

Aside from that, I've been a little lazy with my eating so have no mouth watering photos to share except the left over of my Spiced Carrot Soup I made from the Potluck last week -

...and a quick cacao banana bowl with maca, lucuma, protein and chia seeds topped with coconut, cacao nibs, goji berries, sultanas and sunflower seeds for brekkie one morning

Other than that I've been munching away on a really basic coleslaw I made (I LOVE cabbage - here's another mouth watering pic), green juices for brekkie still, heads of broccoli at the markets, BANANAS I bought on Thursday, whole carrots, miso soup, and a new recipe for buckwheat muesli that is AMAZING! I might share sometime in the future ;)

Oh and how could I forget... I FINALLY BOUGHT A DEHYDRATOR ON EBAY! I'M SO SO SO EXCITED!! You'll hear all about it as soon I'm back home PLAYING with it!

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  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog, can't wait to hear about your blissful Satuday but I'll actually be on holiday from 4pm today until Sunday so no computers!

    I'd love to meet up with you too sometime, I love your blog and the way you live your life. Leanne said lovely things about you too when I mentioned you to her on Saturday! Maybe we could meet up at Maya's cafe one day, I've been wanting to go some time! x