Jul 6, 2010

Heirloom Tomatoes, Herb Gardens, Coaching and Ice Skating??

So I leave this BEAUTIFUL space where I have been house sitting tomorrow morning and I will be sad to leave :( I am looking forward to getting back into my own bed though and hanging out with my sister for a few days before mum gets back from her Yoga Intensive on Sunday.
Living out of home is something that I have done in the past and I know how much I LOVE it so these past 10 days have been GREAT and definatley a BOOST of energy in getting me outta home quicker again!

So the past few days have been JAM PACKED FULL of AMAZING experiences I've been dying to share with you guys.

On Saturday morning I had a dance party in the living room as all my fav tunes came on Rage it was AWESOME! Great way to start the day - of course followed my a big green juice :) And then I headed down to the Pyrmont Growers Markets with Dad and Gail. If you've never been before you don't know what you're missing out on. Held the first Saturday of every month by the water, there's loads of fresh fruit and vegies, meat, cheeses, chutneys, flowers, breads, TRUFFLES, oils, vinegars, pastas, teas, coffee, fresh juices, eggs, yoghurts, even wood fire pizza (and for some strange reason all the pics I took are no longer on my camera!)!!
The sun was out but the wind was chilly, and I came away with a HUGE bag of macadamia nuts still in their shells - which taste so incredibly different let me tell you mmm - and a big lot of HEIRLOOM TOMATOES. I'd never had them before and wanted to get some to try (and for pretty pictures on my blog). SO TASTY!

I later had a green tea at a cafe finishing an assignment for college then walked through Crows Nest which was buzzing with locals munching away on croissants in the bakery, chatting to friends over hot coffees, and reading the weekend paper, and got back home to make me some lunch. Starvin Marvin!

And with my brightly coloured HEIRLOOMS TOMATOES and some herbs from the garden, I whipped up a tasy big salad, donned my shorts and singlet for some winter backyard sunshine, got out my journal and sat there slowly, mindfully eating, writing, smiling, and being so very very greateful :)

The herb garden my uncle has in INCREDIBLE! Get a load of these pics...

Afternoon run, feeling great, then I'm out again for the Winter Wonderland Ice Skating outside St Mary's Cathedral. Brock, Tsung and I walked over the bridge from Kirribilli meeting a bunch of peeps in there, then we all skated for just under an hour in what was a beautiful backdrop. Everyone in high spirits (or just high on mulled wine I don't know) trying their best at something not alot of people do often. Having had an ice skating accident myself as a child, I was very cautious and a little scared to begin with, but my beautiful girlfriend Tam was just that - BEAUTIFUL - and held my hand the entire time so I could let go of the wall :)

Sunday morning I got my newspaper read in which I LOVE. Sitting by myself at a cafe sipping tea whilst Brock was working for an hour, I get Peace. Quiet. Stillness. The Sunday paper is ABSOLUTE INDULGENCE for me.

We opted for a lazy day in after that, made BANAPPLE JUICE SMOOTHIES for lunch and later watched a DVD under the doona with cups of green tea.

Then the evening was all mine to myself to put my feet up, slap a hydrating mask on, slice some heirlooms, add oil, parlsely and rocket from the garden, sit back and SMILE :)

Then Monday at work was GREAT (that's the view from my window in the office by the way) ! I had an appointment with a new coach after work which was also GREAT and I think I'll continue on with her. As a coach myself I feel it very beneficial to keep myself on track so I can best support my own clients. I'm EXCITED about where I'm heading, what my GOALS are, and WRITING them all down. The accountabilty of my coach I know will be the BIGGEST benefit to me.

And today... alot of cleaning and packing up to "move out" of my cousins place. Work at the health food shop was GREAT as usual. I met a really cool guy who's newly into RAW FOODS (along with a bunch of other things I'm also passionate about) so I hope to get to know him a bit more. I've thoroughly enjoyed the ABUNDANCE of BANANAS I currently have, and blissfully had 15 today :) Back from 2hrs at the gym, and now blogging to you guys!


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