Jul 11, 2010

Creativity in Colour

So I've been back home now since Wendesday and only just got my NEW DEHYDRATOR in gear this morning.
I've been working everyday this week so havn't had alot of KITCHEN PLAY TIME free, and ontop of that I've been a bit funny with my eating the past few weeks so there's not alot of inspirtation coming out.

I'm more into SIMPLICITY (at it's best... or is it laziness?) - and by that I mean dinner last night was the last of my HEIRLOOM TOMATOES I bought last week and a couple of carrots with half an avocado. Delicious nonetheless, but far from CREATIVE.

And so last night I thought "come on Christie" and put some sunflower seeds and buckwheat aside to soak so I could make crackers this morning.
AFter reading both papers (as I love to do), and having a big juice with apples, beetroot, some greens and lemon... I threw my buckwheat and seeds in the food processor with some grated beetroot, carrot juice, flaxseeds, herbs, spices and salt... to make some beet-coloured-buckwheat crackers.


They've been in there all day and I think I might have a couple with my salad for dinner :)

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  1. Congrats on your first dehydrator run! They look yummy! xxx