Aug 5, 2014


I could easily write out 50 things you could do to eat better but that probably isn't actually going to get you eating better now is it? Hello overwhelm. So I've chunked it down big time. To three. Coz three is easy. Do-able. And once achieved, proud moments of song and dance can commence. So here you go --

  1. Shop at your local Farmers Markets -  for many reasons. You're getting local foods (unlike the big supermarkets where produce can come in from overseas) which is like helping out your neighbours. Warm fuzzy feelings right there. You're also getting what's in season which is better for your body as well. You know why juicy summer fruits aren't available in Winter? Coz you're body wants grounding warming foods. And the abundance of water-rich fruits during the warmer months... coz your body needs the hydration. Go figure. Eat local and in season and you're already doing loads for your gorgeous temple.
  2. Find one new recipe each week - I see many a client that hits a point of disinterest in food. Now this could be for many reasons but I often find grabbing a new cookbook or finding an awesome website loaded with recipes is enough to get your taste-buds watering again. You'll also learn an additional 52 dishes each year if you try one new one each week! Add to that an expansion of your tastes and flavour palette, discovery of new foods you may fall in love with, and an array of different ingredients for a diverse nutritional power punch. Some of my current fav book at the minute include I Quit Sugar For Life by Sarah Wilson, the Paleo Cafe Cookbook, The Real Food Kitchen by Libby Weaver and Chef Cynthia Louise, and for websites try or
  3. Sit down, with all technology off, to eat your meals -  as only then are you really present with your body and what you are eating. In focusing on your plate you are also sending energy to your digestion (instead of say... Facebook). Eating your meals this way also puts you in a calmer state which again helps with digestion big time! You'll taste your foods more, chew slower and can enjoy the social aspect of eating - that is chatting to others at the table, not chatting to those on Facebook.

So there you go. Three super simple and incredibly easy tips to transform your eating for the better.

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