Aug 12, 2014


 They may not be as straight forward as you think...

// You're on a diet. And then another. And another. Or from one fad or trend to another. Then another.

Diets are so yester year it's wholefood eating that is in right now girl so jump on board! Die-ts never really work because they often strip out whole food groups, leave you feeling hungry with insufficient fuel to go about your daily life, fail to actually educate you on anything nutrition and optimal living related, and are never tasty or delicious. So what ends up happening? I'm sure we've all been there at some point - we fall off the diet, binge or load up on all the foods we love that we haven't allowed ourselves to eat, fall into a pit of guilt, declaring we'll start again on Monday. Really? Can you not see where this is headed hun? Ditch the diets, and eat REAL foods. In appropriate quantities, at suitable times, ensuring optimal digestion to break down the foods and assimilate them.

// You never stop to ask your body what it wants to eat. Or how it wants to move.

You know why some people thrive off and love to eat meat and others feel a butt-load better eating a vegan diet? Or why the girl down the road gets up to do her yoga everyday and blisses out at the end of it, but her neighbour loves Body Pump? These people do what they do and eat what they eat coz they know that's what their body loves! They've stopped, asked, and checked in many a time previously. And they've gotten the answers. So perhaps stick a "Body What would you love to eat?" on your fridge door, and tomorrow morning ask your body how it would love to move. You might not get answers or feelings straight away but give it time, and soon enough you'll know what makes your body feel it's best.

// You're forever following what everyone else is doing, never stopping to see how things feel and work for YOU

Like I said above, ask your body what it wants to eat and how it would love to move. You need to start to have an awareness around your own body and not just do everything your best friend or partner does. It's awesome to ask people for advice, suggestions, and to get a glimpse into what other people are doing, but take it all as an interesting point of view, and do what feels right for YOU.

// Your whole foods approach needs a little work still

Nuts are awesome. I eat them everyday. They are also very high in calories. So by all means have nuts as a snack, but if you are either wanting or needing to lose fat, you need to not be eating handfuls and telling yourself they are full of good fats. They are still high in calories and although I don't count calories, use your common sense sweet heart. More greens, more veggies, more lean proteins.

// You're yet to believe that Fat is your friend

In small amounts my dear. Don't get these two points confused. You need fat to burn fat. But eat too much of it and you'll be storing it (and why a few nuts are awesome, and handfuls are not). Comprendo? Cook in butter or coconut oil, but don't be deep frying! Use a teaspoon of flaxseed oil in your smoothies. We all need good fats to function but we don't need to be eating loads of them. Go small, but still go there.

// You are still measuring your success by the scales

Hear me clearly on this one - if you keep weighing your gorgeous body and hoping the numbers will budge, you're only going to disappoint yourself. And here's why... If you're training well you're likely to gain muscle mass. And this is what you want. More lean muscle mass means your metabolism is more efficient at burning calories. But you'll be seeing the scale number either increase or not budge. And if you're not training and your weight is decreasing quickly (which you think is awesome), then you're losing that precious muscle mass and essential fluids, before you lose actual excess fat. Not awesome. So ditch the scales, and only go by how you FEEL within yourself, and take a mental note of how your clothes fit/don't fit. That's more than enough for you to work with.


// You're adrenally fatigued, exhausted and burnt out, but unaware of the severity of it, you still push yourself to the gym everyday, eat low fat foods, and think that doing more and eating less is your answer

No sweetheart. I'll be the one to break it to you and it can be a hard pill to swallow... if this is you, then you need to scale back BIGTIME! It was hard for me to quit my gym membership 3 years ago but if I didn't (thanks minor shoulder injury for the kick up the bum I needed) who knows where I'd be physically. Adrenal fatigue is too big a topic for here but check out a bunch of previous posts I did here and if you suspect you could have something like this then please email me for a consultation around it. If spotted and treated effectively early on, it's not going to play out in your life nearly as long. In my case, it's been 3 years I felt I had it, and still I get bouts of it come back when I'm not looking after myself. My achilles heel if you like. So if this is you, things need to change and you'll need a qualified practitioner to help support you through it.

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