Aug 7, 2014


What's an average day for me? Most of my days are pretty much the same... except for the one or two each week I'm working at the health food store. Then it's kinda a get up, train with my bestie, eat brekkie out, chat over great food and awesome coffee til we moan about having to leave the sunshine, get changed, and drive to work. But even once there, we have a ball. After all, who wouldn't wanna work with their best friend?

So, as all good stories, let's start at the very beginning...

Yorkeys Knob, Cairns, Queensland. This view.

My day starts with a tall glass of water, then some probiotics and glutamine, and I'm out the door and down our hill to this incredible site. This is Yorkeys Knob Beach - yes, I'm aware of the silliness to it also. And it's less than 3 minutes from our place. I love to walk here everyday with my hunkaspunk, but if he's still sleeping when I get up, I'll go alone. If I want to walk, I'll listen to some podcasts whilst doing so. And if I feel like jogging, my strongest over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder goes on, and the ipod stays at home. Barefoot. Sunshine. Ocean air. It's magic!
If the weather is a bit dodgy and not looking so inviting, I'll do a strength training routine at home in the living room - looking out at this view.

Then it's onto brekkie. My favourite meal of the day naturally. And my protein pancakes (or made into waffles) have been the usual for the last couple weeks. It'll either be that, an acai bowl if it's warmer weather, eggs and veggies or an omelette, or a large filling smoothie.

Then after a shower and whatever else I get up too, I'm usually on my laptop - replying to emails and clients, writing blog posts, sussing out info I need, scheduling social media... And more often than not with a green tea besides me. And some choccie a little later on.

I also make sure to have time where I leave my laptop and get outside to our large deck and the fresh air (still with tea and treats) and either nut out new ideas, plan workshops, or simply get away from my biz stuff and either read a book or (more than likely) flip through The Collective magazine.

My favourite lunches are exactly this -  raw crackers with tuna or mackeral, some avo or nut butter, and whatever veggies we have, topped off with dukkah, black pepper, spices, herbs, or a little cheese. Sometimes I'll want much more than that but I find when I'm working from home I don't often need alot.

Later on I'll do another workout or get outside with my man. I might pop into town for a few things, be seeing clients from home, meeting up with a friend, or have an appointment of my own somewhere. It always varies.

Dinners happen between 6 and 7pm most nights and sloppy, stewy, meaty, brothy concotion is what I'm leaning towards most nights at the moment. There will always be loads of veg, sometimes meat or eggs, sometimes we keep it vego.

And after dinner I might be back online to tie up a few things, be watching the one tv show I'm obsessed with (although it's off season right now), be having a bath, reading a novel, or jumping into bed early if I've an early start the following day.

All in all, nothing too flash really. Just the way I like it.

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