Aug 28, 2014


This is a recipe I created last night in the kitchen as I wanted to pack as much nutrition as I could into bliss balls to take to Sydney for our flight to L.A. Now whether they will last til then is another thing. Regardless, I'm pretty happy with these crunchy lil balls.

Reishi // is in my top 5 for super immune enhancing properties. Reishi supports kidney health, helps with cardiovascular support, protects against radiation damage (perfect when flying often), has anti-viral benefits (long haul enclosed spaces) and helps to boost your body’s own intelligence and self-healing properties.

Chaga // is rich in protein and excellent for both eye and lung health. With complex immune activating compounds, high antioxidant values, and support of our natural killer cell activity, these two together are the medicinal mushroom duo for aeroplane bliss balls (if I do say so myself).

Chia seeds // add some shelf stable omega 3 oils which benefit dry eyes and dry skin, and the fibre is a tummy filling bonus and keeps digestion happy.

Goji berries // beneficial to the immune system, eye sight, stamina, and longevity. More vitamin C than oranges and more beta carotene than carrots. They also add a little crunch when chilled, and extra chewiness at room temperature.

Bee pollen // is the only food that includes all 22 essential elements that comprise the human body. Perfectly balanced to feed your cells, re-energise and rejuvenate, this stuff is sure to maintain (more than just) general health. And it works a treat for me and any allergies I sometimes get.

Slippery elm // is very soothing on the entire digestive tract so a bit of this is always a winner in my recipes. This is certainly where nutrient density comes into play.

Mesquite // a Native American superfood made from the large bean-like pods of the mesquite tree. With a delicious malty, caramely sweetness this stuff is high in fibre and protein, as well as lysine, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Perfect for electrolyte balance whilst flying, and warding off cold sores.

Nopal cactus // is an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fibre, but it also has bucketloads of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and 10 essential amino acids. A little bitter so you don't need much.

Nutra Organics Berry Choc Crunch // an awesome combo of wild crafted cacao and berry powders, this stuff is chocka-block full of antioxidants and not to mention flavour! I had a sample of this in my pantry and thought I'd chuck it in! Happy I did!

To make your Super Charged Long Haul Flying Bliss Balls, you will need:

3 dates
1/2 cup almond meal
1/4 cup cashew butter
1/4 tsp reishi mushroom powder
1/4 tsp chaga mushroom powder
1 Tbsp chia seeds
1 Tbsp Nutra Organics Choc Berry Chunk powder
2 Tbsp goji berries
2 tsp bee pollen
1/4 tsp slippery elm powder
1 tsp mesquite
1 tsp nopal cactus

Throw everything into your food processor and whizz until you've got the texture you like - make sure it sticks together well. Roll into balls and voila!

Oooh I have very exciting news that nicely ties in with this recipe, all the ingredients, and where I am flying too... Are you familiar with David Wolfe? I have been a fan of his work for many years and have had the pleasure of seeing and hearing him speak, not to mention up close cuddles and chats, and then dancing til late a little high on cacao. And as I fly to LA next week, I will actually be going to see him speak once again. This time at the Womens Wellness Conference for 3 days and I CANNOT WAIT!! With a line up of speakers including (some personal fav's) Donna Gates, Marianne Williamson, Nadine Artemis, Bruce Lipton, and Tera Warner (plus others) along with a tonic bar and who knows what else, I am bursting at the seams with excitement!! Wait for the blog recap on that event!

For now, I'm off to finish packing! Buonappetito!