Jul 31, 2014


  1. I studied a Cert. III in Hospitality during high school - and my very kind teacher at the time cut and prepped all meat dishes for me as I was a passionate vegetarian who was easily grossed out by meat... I'm not quite sure how she let me pass certain subjects because of that actually... but I did
  2. I managed a pie shop in Sydney for a few years and my team and I won the North Shore Business of The Year Award for a Franchise - very happy moment
  3. I was a barista on and off at various cafes for about 8years and loved it! I'd still go back to it for casual work if I chose too.
  4. I bought my first property when I was 21yrs old, then flee to Italy to travel, eat, and immerse myself in the culture I love the most with the language skills I learnt in high school
  5. I have a French Passport - so yep, I can pack my bags to move to Europe anytime I like!
  6. I can't live without raw chocolate - I've tried, and life just ain't so happy!
  7. I have had acne since I was 12 yrs old and I'm still working with it, what it's here to teach me, why I have it, and how to change it
  8. I was vegetarian / vegan / raw vegan for a total of 16 years and now eat meat, and have been doing so for about 12 months
  9. I love to study - I've studied and completed courses in hospitality, childcare, metaphysics, transpersonal life coaching, counselling, raw food, mini nutrition and sports nutrition courses, and a whopper Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine... I'm already looking at further nutrition studies and am sure I'll do some sort of yoga/personal training/pilates at some point... this stems from my mother I reckon. She has studied her whole life.
  10. I played competitive netball from when I was 7yrs old til about 21yrs old (then I left for Italy)
  11. My dream car is the F355 GTS Ferrari - I'll post pics when I get it ;)

PS. Not quite sure why this pic has turned out blurrier than usual - my face looks a little photo shopped. I was having a ripper day in that shot tho so the sparkle and happy face is legit.