Aug 26, 2014


It seems to be all around me at the moment. These past few weeks. I even spoke about it in my newsletter last Friday. Friends, colleagues, even people I've never met are feeling it. And as a result, I was too. Until I decided to change my thinking coz it sure as hell wasn't working for me to keep going the way I was.

I'm talking about O V E R W H E L M
When it becomes too much. It all becomes too much. 

Work is piling up. 

The phone wont stop ringing. Beeping. Pinging. Vibrating.

Staff, colleagues, even family are bugging you as you try to keep your head above water.
Every. Little. Thing. Stresses. You. Out. BIG TIME.

Anxiety is building. You feel like you're fried and you quite likely are my dear. 

To-Do lists on top of To-Do lists. Are they ever getting us anywhere?

We try to convince ourselves that if we just forge ahead, keep going, keep doing, keep ticking boxes, burning the candle at both ends, it will all get done and then we can breathe. But does that day ever really come? Not unless we book a plane ticket to Bali and leave all technology at home (likely factor? Zero)

>>> What you resist persists, and what you befriend transcends <<<

My number 1 tip is to take a day for YOU. Now hear me out before you poo-poo the idea, click exit, and fast tail outta here (coz you've got other more important things that need doing right?). If we continue doing, doing, doing and never stopping to look after ourself so that we can move forward once more - better, healthier, happier, and more productive than before - when will we ever start to feel like it's actually not all too much and we can cope?

You may know that saying "first world problem" and as silly as it is, it can totally bring back into perspective what you're going all crazy-girl over. Like when I go ape-shit after the dry washing has been on the line for 2 days longer than it needed to be, I've been working at the shop and my partner has been in and out of the house (obviously able to grab it at some point right?). First world problem. Not worth getting so upset about (unless of course it's your time of the month then by all means let them tears roll sister) but we do, and our entire body has a million chemical reactions from a place of fear and panic, resulting in stress hormones and signals going haywire, and then that's exactly how we feel.

When things may not be so trivial but are still bothering you to the point of anxiety, stress, no sleep, poor eating habits, too much caffeine and/or wine... things need to change. I'm not telling you this lightly hun, if you were sitting opposite me in my consulting room, I'd be looking right at you and saying this, You Need A Break. And nothing - not your health, your relationships, your finances - will improve until you do.

I'm not talking a 6-week Thailand break, although that would be lovely. I'm talking about TEN MINUTES. Each day. Then longer. And at some point, an entire day. Yes we are all busy, but if we continue to use that excuse... Life will pass us by. Stop re-telling your story that's outdated hun and create a new one.

So, let's get to it then.  

Ways to rid your body of overwhelm and bring in peace and joy...

// DANCE!   Shake it out! First thing when you wake up in your bedroom, or in the evening whilst cooking dinner. At work with the radio on. I love to boogy my butt around the kitchen to Pink and Lady Gaga whilst cooking a few things. Total bliss and I feel great! Stress relief right there.

// BREATHE.   Yep we all do it everyday I know, but if you're like me, your breathing may be so shallow you can't hear it yourself! And this isn't good for you or your lungs. Breathe a little deeper. 5 full breathes whilst sitting on the porcelain bowl if that's all you've got. Just try to consciously remember to breathe.

// POMODORO.  I watched a great clip from Tara Bliss on this one - the Pomodoro Effect - which is an Italian technique to getting shit done basically. Having had sooooo much I needed to do in a tiny amount of non-working time these past two weeks, I had to give it a go. It's essentially 25 minutes of focused work, and then 5 minutes off - to meditate, dance, grab a tea break, lie down, BREATHE, whatever you please! I downloaded an app called Flat Tomato to track it for me. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!

// HIIT WORKOUT!   This will definitely get your body moving and sweating, have your heart beating faster, your blood pumping through your veins, your breathing deepen, and your face glow, although any movement is wonderful as stress relief, lightening your mood, and making you feel great once you're done. My favourite online workouts are from Tone It Up, Zuzka Light and Yogaglow.

// NOURISH.  This is often one of the first things that goes out the window, so be aware of that. Aim to drink 3L of filtered water each day. If you need to spend a little more on a food delivery service, ordering a fresh juice instead of making one yourself, or grabbing a roast chook and a bag of greens on the way home form work, then do it. Protein shakes are the best thing ever when you've no time to eat but your body requires something. Shake and drink. No amount of additional caffeine, pastries on the run, afternoon choccie or sugar drinks will get you through when you're feeling overwhelmed hunny. I can promise you that.

Drop all the should's coz they're all made up bullshit anyway. By looking after YOU first, everything else will still get done, just with a whole lotta more ease, joy and glory!


  1. This was so glorious to read this morning, as I've been feeling this BIG time - in a good way because I love what I do, but it's still overwhelm. I made sure to fit in an outdoor yoga session + a long meditation this morning to get in the break. Great ideas here!

    1. Hey Lauren, Thanks for saying hey. I totally agree with you and know where you're coming from. WELL DONE of getting yoga and a medi sesh into your day hun. Small things can make a world of difference :)