Aug 14, 2014


Yes. You read that right. Contrary to popular belief, there would be a small number of women out there if you were to go and seek them, who actually give thanks to their PMS. And today, I am one of them.

Call it a Gratitude List if you will, because we all know those lists make us feel better on even the shittiest of days. I wrote a post a while back on why you should do nothing on Day 1 of your cycle (still a fav post of mine) and with good reason. PMS is just a lead up to that day and so with it, I've learnt to enjoy the process, educate myself around why I have had pain on and off over the years and how to treat that, and believe me, when you have no pain during your cycle, it can actually be a beautiful time of your month.

So, in full disclosure, I'm just before my time of the month and I always feel introverted, quiet, a little more fragile and never initiate big projects, try to write mammoth blog posts, or create something new. Coz let's face it, we go inward here and it just ain't gonna happen naturally so go with the flow girl.

This post however, easy to write. Enjoy the read.

// I love that it's the one time each month I cry, wail, and let tears flood out releasing a month's worth of stored emotion along with them

// I love laughing at those moments later on - coz they're purely emotional with no reasoning whatsoever, and the real estate ladies that came to give our cleanliness a tick of approval doesn't usually result in buckets of tears any other time of the month

// I love my pottering around the house in contemplative silence - it's blissful and doesn't happen all that often

// I love that I often feel very maternal and as though my home needs tending too - little corners of crystals and books get tidied up, bliss balls and bone broth get made for the times ahead (by that I mean the week), and my toiletries get re-lined up in a neat little row

// I love how I feel the need to really look after me - more time in bed, extra yummy reads, scented candles, and hot bath tub relaxing

// I love the endless movies on the couch

// I love that I give myself full permission to eat as much chocolate as I please. No guilt whatsoever

// And I love the zest for life, enthusiasm for my passions, and energy to burn I feel after my monthly. That's when you wanna get shit done!

So tell me my dear... Scramble if you must, but give me one good reason PMS ain't so bad in the comments below.


  1. Loved this Christie! My cycle is coming too...and I could not get work done today. I read your post this morning, and instead of trying to force things, I cleared out a ton of space/clothes in my closet. Feels great to welcome in the new intentions.

  2. Teenagers should read this and not try and push through at these times, making their lives and those around them miserable. A good reminder for the parents too!

  3. Love and NEEDED this today! Great post!