Sep 2, 2014


When you read this I'll be on my way to the airport, getting ready to fly outta Sydney over to Los Angeles. I'm so excited as it's sort of been a recent decision - I booked a 3 day retreat only a few months ago and booked our flights a couple of weeks ago. And here we are. Today's the day.

Having not done a long international flight to this length for over 6years, I've got myself prepared as I still get very anxious when flying. I have noticed that the more I fly the worse it has gotten, and I now know that through doing a lot of personal work the past year, my awareness has expanded and as a result, I am also becoming more and more afraid when flying. I thought it was meant to get easier, and it was only last week it hit me. If I'm becoming more aware, then I'm picking up on more people's stuff, and on an aeroplane, well there's a lot going on in people's heads.

So I'll be flying very prepared... Here's what I've got...

// Noise cancelling head phones + ipod with music and meditations
For obvious reasons

// Travel Socks
Keep the circulation going strong baby!

// Head pillow
Both our flights are evening overnight-ers and I plan on sleeping the whooooolleee time! 

//Jetsetter Spray
A great little number from Perfect Potion that has essential oils and Bush Flower essences to refresh, calm and keep you feeling fab on enclosed flights in my opinion

// Immune Spray
This stuff is like liquid gold for me. The Immune essential oil blend is from Twenty 8 and on an aeroplane it's a lifesaver! It triples as a preventative health spray in the cabin, a dry facial skin treatment (oh my best ever), and an enlivening scented refresher mist.

// Emergency Essence
For when I start to panic, cry, or feel anxiety rise. And it still happens. I also ask myself Who Does This Belong To? and return it to sender - with consciousness attached.

// Mulla Mulla Essence
This is a main ingredient in the Bush Flower Electro essence - and its essentially helpful for radiation... or helping my body with the effects of it.

// Moisturiser (Bush Flowers Travel one)
The cabin pressure and air conditioning is no fun for anyones skin so this is awesome for dry hands, feet and face, with the added benefits of the bush flowers that assist in travel.

// Toothbrush + Toothpaste
Coz this alone makes me feel alive, clean, and refreshed after a 14 hr flight.

// Collective mag + a good book
My favourite magazine hands down and every page is a winner (no 20-page flipping ad's before you hit a good article in this one!). And a good book (or two) for when I want something different, or finish my mag.

// Snacks - probiotic bars, chlorella powder, nuts, water, protein bars, herbal tea bags
Let's face it. Aeroplane food just ain't all that appetising, especially when we only really eat wholesome organic foods at home. Sometimes you get something good, but I like to snack so always take a few of my own nibbles and that way I know what I'm eating, where it's come from, and that I'm going to get off feeling good - not shit!

ALSO... I will be posting Tuesday only whilst I am away, but you can keep up with all photos, experiences, adventures and more whilst I'm away through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and of course a big weekly update every Friday in my newsletter - subscribe here to make sure you get it, and you'll also get a free Body Loving Boody Shaping Shopping Guide!

See you next week!

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