Hey there, I'm so happy you're here.

What do 1:1 sessions with me look like?

Sessions are tailored to YOU, the bright individual that you are, through a combination of nutritional medicine and coaching, and may include:

  • Dietary changes, recommendations or suggestions
  • Supplements
  • Use of Bush Flower essences and essential oils
  • Powerful and focused intention and goal setting

Why would you book a session with me?

I love helping women who yearn to know more about their health and wellbeing, but who struggle with where to start. Women who want to: 

  • Move forward in the direction of exuberant energy and vital health
  • Move from stressed, overworked and feeling hopeless with their health, to a place where they feel empowered and well
  • Understand the importance of quality foods and nutrition and the impact they have on our body (as well as the impact the opposite foods have)
  • Identify food allergies and intolerances to rectify health challenges
  • Know which, if any, supplements are beneficial to them at present
  • Learn how to cook incredibly delicious, nutritious, yet quick meals in the kitchen
  • Follow the natural rhythms, flows and cycles of your energy
  • Balance their mood
  • Calm their nervous system
  • Feel vibrant at their ideal healthy weight

I also love helping pregnant women, or those wanting to become pregnant very soon to:

  • Identify the best foods to eat for pre-conception and during pregnancy (for mumma's energy needs, for bubba's growing needs, for avoiding gestational diabetes, maintaining a healthy weight gain, and keeping your skin feeling hydrated and elastic)
  • Know which supplements are best for pregnancy stages and their own individual needs
  • Navigate this new rite of passage in their life
  • Know tips and tricks around the pregnancy commonalities such as morning sickness, headaches, aches, fluid retention, etc 
  • Understand, accept and learnt to love their changing body
  • Know what to ask when it comes to home birth / hospital births / water births / lotus births
  • Become educated around mandatory vs optional testings and procedures, as well as the risk factors of each


Fees / Rebates / Important Stuff

All sessions are held online.

Our sessions will be held via Skype (or Zoom).

If you live on the Sunshine Coast and would prefer a face-to-face consultation, please let me know.

60MIN SESSION – AU$100 (new clients & follow-up sessions)

30MIN SESSION – AU$60 (follow-up sessions only)

- Nutritional supplements and essences are prescribed if needed, and vary in price
- Depending on your private health insurance, you may be able to claim a rebate under ‘nutrition'
- All prices are in Australian dollars
- I require 24hrs notice if you wish to cancel an appointment, otherwise the full fee is owed or the session forfeited (if prepaid)
- All sessions are non-refundable