Jul 22, 2014


It seems the more clients I meet the more I am seeing that most people are walking away with the same advice from me during their initial consult. No matter where their diet may be at, how much water they are drinking, sleep they're getting, and so on... the same grass roots stuff applies and it also seems to be the basic stuff we neglect, forget about, or skim the surface of... whether due to a lack of education around it, or simply missing it trying to attain health further a field - with a myriad of supplements, chronic dieting, another wonder pill, or excessive exercise.

So I'm here to share with you what I am seeing more and more in all my initial consultations. Look at this as a freebie consult if you will. And really have a look at your own life to see if you are applying these. Coz like I said, they can be easy to forget.


Why do you think my blog is named this? Regardless of what eating principles you follow, this should always be the base. Vegan, paleo, raw, no sugar... vegetables are your friends. Yet most people simply don't eat enough. A lunch time salad with lettuce and tomato, and some potato beside your lamb chop at dinner does not come close to the amount and variety you really want to be consuming for your best health. If veggies aren't your thing, you can make them! Start by aiming for 5 colours each day - orange (carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato), red (capsicum, tomato, chilli), green (broccoli, zucchini, all leafy greens, beans), yellow (squash, capsicum) and purple (eggplant, carrots). This is an easy way to make sure you're getting variety. And then eating these at least 3 times each day - Lunch and dinner are easy. If you prefer a sweet brekkie then have some raw veggie sticks as a snack. And your 3 meal times are done! Of course aim for more from here.


Tired? Stressed? Constipated? Sore tummy? Poor memory? Dry skin? Bloated? These are all signs of dehydration and it still baffles me when I say to my tropical climate clients that they should be aiming for 3 litres of filtered water daily as a minimum! "When will I fit all that in?" Easy! Wake up in the morning and drink 500ml. Do some exercise, drink another 500ml. There's 1L down. Then if you aim to have another litre by lunchtime, and the other litre after lunch before bed, you've done your 3L! Not so hard after all now is it! If you're not living in a tropical climate (for example Sydney) I would still be aiming for 2L each day. Minimum. Even in winter. And if you're drinking more than one coffee per day, and/or alcoholic drinks each week, you know you need even more water right? I thought so.


Remember that 500ml of water you're gonna be having on rising each morning... that's the perfect time to add a teaspoon of probiotic powder into the mix. Best taken on an empty stomach, a good food based one is going to be used better by your body than a small capsules worth. Essential for anyone with gut or digestion troubles, and highly recommended for everybody else, a probiotic powder ensures you've got more good gut bacteria than bad. And that also means a happier place for you (ie. less gas, bloating, cramps and so on). Healthy gut bacteria means better digestion, better elimination of stools and toxins, and a better immune system so less nasties can make your body home during the winter months. Start with 1/4 tsp and work your way up to 1 tsp. Good brands include 2012, Changing Habits and Amazonia.


For more reasons than you might think. Physical movement first thing in the morning loosens your body up after your 8hrs of sleep, as well as your bowels -- can't go to the toilet? Get moving!! Movement first thing also means you'll be burning fat if you haven't eaten before hand (great if fat loss is your goal). And if you get outside for it (as I recommend to all clients) you are also activating your circadium rhythms meaning your body clock will be working better. This happens when your eyes see the sunlight, and as a result, you feel more awake and happier. No winter zombies here! Add in the benefit of fresh air in your lungs and you can't help but come home wanting a nutritious brekkie, and have started your day in a way that is more likely to continue throughout the remainder of your day.


Sleep is so important and once you get past your younger days when you were invincible and could get by day after day on very little sleep, you realise this. For most of us, 8hrs each night is ideal. Getting into bed by 930-10pm is best as you're more likely to fall asleep before midnight, and it's these hours that are your deepest most restorative sleep. Having said that I also find patterns in people that tend to need more sleep are those that are unhappy in life, their jobs, their relationship... and as such would rather be asleep. I know that has also been true for me. I know people who function very well on 4-5 hrs sleep each night and have done for some time. You will know how much sleep you need but the importance is in getting into a jive before bed - be it all technology off at 8pm, tea brewing, a good book, sweet scented candle and in bed by 830pm to read and wind down... or a bath, glass of water and you're in... find what works well for you. This is essential if you have trouble falling asleep. And the more hours clocked up before midnight is worth double those had after 12.

As you can see, none of this is rocket science. None of this is hard. Or expensive. Or needs highly specialised and qualified practitioners to show you the how. Which is why I've spelled it all out for you. It just needs to be done. If optimal health is something you want, without a doubt you can have it. And by starting with these 5 simple basic tips, you'll be well of your way to getting there.

Want more info tailored to YOU? Send me an email and let's set up your own consultation to find what works best for you.

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