Jul 3, 2014


I've got to be the worlds slowest reader so when I can actually offer you more than one book that I'm into... it means I've been reading more than usual, or I haven't written a post like this in months. And I gotta say it's been a bit of both!

Regardless of the plethora of books I have on shelves, tables, the floor and in boxes at my mums house still, I very rarely finish an entire book cover to cover. I'm much more the flip, scan, read bits n pieces kind of a reader... but I suppose when the majority of books I do read are nutrition related, it makes sense that I dive in and out. I'm only finding what I'm looking for after all.

Nevertheless, here are a few that I'm dipping in and out of lately...

Miracles Now - Gabby Bernstein
I actually only just got this a few days ago but the flipping began the minute it arrived. And I'm already in love. I'll read anything this woman writes to be truthful but this is the perfect book for someone like me. Gabby shares 108life changing tools for less tress, more flow, and finding your true purpose... and they are laid out in such a way that you can open up and read one or a couple at any given time.

Discover Your Destiny - Robin Sharma
After first reading The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari last year in Thailand, I was instantly hooked on Robin Sharma. I love a fictional story with an awesome story line that weaves metaphysical and philosophical pieces throughout. And I know many people are huge fans of Paulo Cohelo and his stuff could be comparable, but for whatever reason I don't gel with Paulo. Robin however, solid as glue.

Clean Gut - Alejandro Junger, M.D
Still in this a little after the #28daygutcleanse I did about a month ago now. Easily understandable, and simple to follow, this is perfect for anyone with any gut troubles - student, practitioner, or just avid reader wanting to learn.

Healthy Home, Healthy Family - Nicole Bijlsma
There's a nerd inside of me that has recently become infatuated with dirty electricity, electro-magnetic frequencies/radiation, mould in the home, wifi connections and the health impacts, and so much more... and this book is pretty much your everything-in-one resource. The author is a qualified Naturopath but went on to study building biology when naturopathy wasn't healing and treating all her clients as she had hoped it would. Extremely interesting... but to be taken with a grain of salt at first or you might drive yourself crazy with all the "what-if's".

20/20 Diet Cookbook - Lola Berry
I've got two cookbooks on rotation at the moment and this is one of them. For me, recipe books must have photographs in them or I simply won't buy them. And this is chocka-block full of em! I'm in love with the paper this book is printed on even! There are more smoothies in here than I've seen in a long time - and they are different to most as well (win!). An awesome grain-free pizza option I've had numerous times, and treats that are a sinch to make! Like I said... it stay's on the bench this one.

I Quit Sugar For Life - Sarah Wilson
The second fav cookbook of the moment. Now I'm not anti-sugar nazi, but I do love a good healthy recipe and Sarah's latest book has it all. I've also got her first one but this one surpasses it ten fold! Everything in it looks unreal and her explanations, education and support around quitting sugar, if that feels right for you, is incredible. If you're into slow cooked sloppy meaty dishes that warm your bones, salad dressings to jazz up any green leaf, or sweet treats minus the sugar, this one's for you!

Have you got a book (or few) that you're loving at the moment? Go on then... share the love (in the comments below)...

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