Jul 8, 2014


This past weekend we had a close friend come to stay with us. He also brought along his 'light machine' which is what his business is based around. Without going into any great depths of it as I'm still not really sure how to explain the magnificence of what it is, after a Friday night workshop he ran in town, there was an abundance of people wanting to see him for private sessions. And so has been the last 3 days for me, in my home, people coming in and out, in and out, having cups of tea and bantering away with new found friends, on our kitchen deck and around the house. It's been beautiful to see, feel, and be a part of, but it has also been mind blowing for me, left me feeling a little scattered, and when I have up to a dozen people in my house all day long til 9pm at night some evenings, I have found myself a little overwhelmed, frustrated and in need of a Christie-Bubble.

So what did I do? I thought I'd share this super quick post as you may be able to relate and these might be a few tips for the next time a similar situation arises for you (or me - note to self; refer here when need be).

The things I found worked well:

+ Closing my study door

It may be a tad un-social or even rude when people come to visit, but it wasn't my workshop, it was just happening in my house. Yes I knew most people,and no I didn't "have to" get anything specific done that couldn't have waited, but it was a good enough excuse that people understand, and that way I could have the quiet alone time to keep my sanity. Candles on, tea poured, pretty girly sh*t on my desk... and internet surfing of awesome inspiring gorgeous blogs can begin!

+ Making more cups of tea

The warmth and soothing effect herbal tea has is miraculous. Team it with a bit of choccie and it's double the healing power (warning: if it's day after day after day, you could, like me, eat too much!)

+ Get out of the house

This goes for when your house is bursting with people, and when it's not. Mother Nature is the best healing, grounding, connecting, mind clearing cure you can get. And its free. Get your feet outta them shoes and into the earth; the soil, grass, water, sand. Take deep breathes in and out. Feel what is around you. Sun on your skin. 

+ Being grateful

For all the amazing souls actually in my house. For the energy surrounding me. For what we were creating and generating - we wanted this house to be the place people came for workshops, Bars swaps, creative cooking, and more... and so it has become. And for my gorgeous man who is always checking in with me and is ready to change things up and piss other people off before he pisses me off. Neither had to happen but it's very kind nonetheless.


Something, I will admit, I am not very good at. The plus side to that tho is that when I do stop to take a few conscious deeeeep breathes, I feel freaking amazing (or light headed!) A few deep breathes can calm us down incredibly as they instantly get us into our parasympathetic nervous system where we are not in fight or flight mode. It brings more oxygen to our brain, makes us look and feel younger (in the long term) and takes no time at all. This can also be done in the bathroom if you need to get away.

I hope this has been an interesting and different read for you today. Let me know if you've got any other tips and tricks you use in times like this as well.


  1. Nice post Christie :) I love your list & being okay to do what's right for you.