Jul 29, 2014


I'm feeling the online blogger love at the minute and so thought I'd let you all in on a few of my fav's as they might be right up your alley also. To be honest I follow very few blogs these days, but will trawl around to read random articles here and there. There are a very small handful that I am on every week without fail and those are the ones you see below.

If I need inspiration, soul soothing reads, or a little 'swagger' as Tara describes it herself, then this is my go-to... as is the colourfully written newsletter that hits my inbox each week. I'm also a fan of the blog design itself which is always so lovely to look at, but with new YouTube clips each week, I can't help but find myself watching and listening to this girl more often than not. I do love a good vid where I can really feel, understand and get a sense of who I am listening too. And Tara nails it everytime. For a little cooking inspo, a lotta fear busting, ponderings and penchants, have a squiz, I know you'll love her too.

The best collection of recipes hands down! If ever I want some foodie-inspo, or am actually hunting for an exact recipe, she's got it! And the mouth watering pics are enough to keep me going back even if I'm not cooking the recipes (but I am so... nevermind). I send many clients and customers here to find awesome healthy recipes that are not loaded with crappy foods and fillers, and they all taste unreal! Teresa has a background in fitness, chef-ing and food so it goes without saying, they are the perfect recipes for what I want. Add to that, she's an absolute sweetheart... Don't you just love that smile?!

My online workouts of choice. I luuuuuuurvee these girls! And whenever someone asks me why, my answer is always the same - coz they're friggin FUN! Two Yankie accents hailing from the sunny beaches of California, their workouts are fun, and they make me laugh, smile and sweat all at the same time. Again, an avid reader of their newsletters, membership site, blog posts, the whole lot! These chics are the younger generation's Jane Fonda without a doubt! Try a routine of theirs and tell me you didn't love them too! (and I still can't contain my excitement!!! I'm going to their retreat in September!!! Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!)

LOVE!! Love Love Love this woman! And more recently uber pumped to have her in the Far North just up the hill from me. That of course means more tea dates, beach selfies, and crepe lunches (I'm still to organise a pyjama party with this lady and her gorgeous daughters but I'll get there one day). Leonie is my go-to for all things business / blog related. And you know why... COZ SHE MAKES IT FUN! I'd done a bunch of online business courses and none of them really sticked with me and none of them I would recommend as highly as this chirper, because I need FUN or I'm not interested. Again, her regular newsletter and her Academy newsletter are welcomed into my inbox and read with enthusiasm. If you want colour, energy, hilarity, full on disclosure, help with your biz or starting a biz, and FUN is a priority of yours, this chic's for you.

Not read as eager-beaver as the previous loves of my online world, but definitely always in my vision, is Chinese Medicine practitioner Dr Nat Kringoudis. This woman has a way of explaining assumed-to-be-tricky-womens-stuff in simplistic words that we can all understand. An excellent teacher (I've been to one of her Debunking seminars) and fabulous presenter, but it's the knowledge she has that she is sharing with the world that tickles me pink. A real game-changer (yes a term quite quickly being overused but she is!), Nat always educated her readers (myself included) and my regular read is my chance to learn something I didn't already know. A must read for every woman in my opinion. Legend. Bloody legend.

Know of any others I might like? Who are your fav blogs to have a sticky beak on regularly? Sharing is caring ya'll :)


  1. I'm with you on Tara Bliss, I love watching her videos because her gentleness always relaxes me. I also LOVE Marie Forleo - who you also got me onto - She's such a sassy New Jersey woman who always make me laugh :) <3

    1. Oooh yes Marie is quite the charmer to watch I agree :) xx