Aug 15, 2010

Self Love and Responsibility for Me

Sunday evening and I'm feeling a little off. Not bad. But not great. In a state of reflection I suppose.

It's been over a year since I first got into raw foods. But January 1st was when I took the BIG LEAP and threw myself in 100%. It's now August and I'm still over 95% raw - if I've wanted to eat a piece of mum's baked kumera or a mouthful of vegie curry I've done so.

I know that raw foods and a raw vegan diet is BEST for my body. I function BEST, I feel my best, I LOOK my best. I have more energy, I'm more at peace, I feel cleaner and clearer. But I don't always have the WILLPOWER to stick to raw every minute of everyday. Maintaining a 100% raw vegan diet is CHALLENGING; I know. I've been doing it. 95% of the time. But now I've decided I'm going the whole hog again.

Now I've had ACNE since I was in primary school - over 12years now. I've done the chemical creams, the organic creams, the light treatments, the elimination diets, the scrubs, colonics, saunas, the salt water, sunshine, supplements, pills, potions, lotions, you name it. My ACNE is still here. When I met Brock, who has been raw for over 4years, he thought that when I transitioned to a 100% raw diet my acne would clear up. I had hoped; it would have been the easy road out. No such luck.

Deep down I know my acne stems from self esteem issues. Emotions go up and down. My acne has been up and down. Better and worse. But always present. So coming from self esteem issues it doesn't surprise me why I've been so resistant to affirmations my whole life - there's a little gremlin still inside of me seld-sabotaging any of my good efforts to clear my skin.

But now I feel ready - if only a little bit more - to SPEED UP this process of mine.

So from today...

I'm going 100% raw again. And I mean 100%. Only fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Greens. Healthy avocado, seeds, nuts and oils. Seaweeds. Sprouts. Superfoods. Juices. Filtered water. My naturpoathic herbs that are already doing wonders. MSM which is INCREDIBLE for my nails, as well as my hair and skin. Zinc. And any other little things that pop up here and there... (working in a health food shop I'm always on the lookout for new things).

I've got my affirmations that I'm going to committ to saying out loud in the mirror every morning and every night. What's the worst thing that can happen? MY ACNE WILL CLEAR AND I WILL BE A HAPPIER, HEALTHIER AMAZING WOMAN THAT GLOWS FROM THE INSIDE OUT! Why is that so scary? Why am I afraid to be the very best I can be?

I'm ready to be responsible for my own life. Im ready to examine the consequences of every choice I make.

Smile. Laugh. Peace. Love. And mung beans.


  1. proud of u baby~ love your realness mwah

  2. Hi Christie,
    a change to Paleo lifestyle really helped my skin! I eat a lot of raw food myself. Maybe 80% raw.

    Already after 2 grain-free weeks my skin had improved.

    I hope that'll help you