Aug 22, 2010

Lazy Saturday In

Wanna whip up something SCRUMPTIOUS and quick?

Last night Borck and I opted for a lazy night in having both worked long weeks, all we wanted to do was put our feet up and watch a DVD on the couch.

So before we both raced off (again) for our days full of errands, more work, gym sessions, sunbaking, voting and more, I sliced and diced a bunch of vegies and made a super fast-easy-peasy-lasagna.

I wasn't going by any recipes so I used eggplant (that admittedley had been marinating for a couple of days in the fridge), zucchinis, red capsicum, and tomatoes. Then in the blender I threw in a few tomatoes, a bunch of basil, one MASSIVE russian garlic clove, a bit less than one onion, and some chilli. That was my sauce.

I love the thought of eating RAW garlic (think anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial) and RAW onion (think beautifying-rich SULPHUR) but unless it's thrown into a yummolicious sauce (that both you and your partner will eat together hehe) it's a little tricky to get it down.

Then I layered it all in a large dish and added some nutritional yeast flakes for a tasty cheesy addition - and a pack of B vitamins. I'm not so much a fan of the heavy nut-based raw cheeses that could go with a lasagna, so usually opt for the lighter easy-peasy-vegie one instead.

It was so good coming home knowing dinner was waiting for us both after 2hrs at the gym that was SO GOOD yet tiring.
The avocado ontop soothed the buzzing chilli hit in the sauce, and with a great big side of english spinach, it really hit the spot on the couch curled up with a DVD.

But no lazy Saturday night is complete without dessert...

Frozen bananas in the blender, then a quick choccie sauce of cacao, coconut oil and agave that when poured ontop turns into ICE MAGIC... sprinkled with coconut flakes, sliced bananas, cacao nibs and AMAZING Loving Earth coconut-ginger-cinnamon-activated-walnuts. YUM!

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