Aug 18, 2010

The Invention Test

Towards the end of the week - and by that I mean Wednesday; as Thursday is MARKET DAY and DELIVERY DAY therefore FRESH EXCITING FRUIT AND VEG STOCK UP DAY - the fridge looks a little bare. Sure I could go to the store to grab a few more things but I also like to use what I've got so nothing goes to waste.

So I came up with this -

A fennel and green apple rice salad, dressed with a little olive oil, black pepper, and lemon juice, tossed with raw cashew pieces.

I had containers of left over parsnip/cauliflower rice sitting in the fridge waiting to be used, sliced the fennel along with the top green leafy bits, chopped up the one green apple in the fruit bowl, threw in some cashews, dressed it up and Voila! Simple. Good textures. Neutral colours. And damn tasty.

But like I said, tomorrow means BANANAS (my all-time fav as most already know), bright green luscious SCOTTISH KALE (my fav green hands down), PAPAYAS (a sore belly always likes these babies), and everything else from apples, oranges, rocket, herbs, peas, beets... even MELONS are coming back! Oooooh! I cannot wait for brekkie at work unpacking it all! :)

Oh but today! Wait for it... I got to FEAST on one of these babies... drumroll please...

Only the worlds greatest fruit (alongside bananas... and maybe mammee sapotes when in season... ok yeh that's all)

M-A-N-G-O-E-S!!! - not organic but at least Australian. And OH so deliciously good! Juicy. Sweet. Soft. Mango goodness. My taste buds are salivating in memory...

Here's Brock about to go in for the kill :)

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